Friday, April 17, 2009

Adoption Stories

I have had a request to share our adoption stories, so I'm going to provide some links to former blog posts so you can see how Jake, Zoey and Kate, (the Tireless Trio) came to be members of our family.



Jake: For some reason, I can't get the link to work. If you go over to the side bar under archives on the blog, click on 2007. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'older posts.' Jake's story is the very first story ever written on this blog (hence the blog address, Jacob's Journey Home). ha

Our adoption stories kind of play out over weeks and months, so if you want to read more than just the original 'call to adopt' you can go to archives and click on the year or month. Our adoption trip to get Zoey and Kate was in Jan. 2009, so you can read about that by clicking "January" in the archive section. Jake's adoption trip was in May 2008.

If you have any away! Kate is still sleeping, so I'm sitting by her bed with my laptop. :) I'm excited to know that some of you want to read about the miraculous ways that God has brought our children out of China and Guatemala.


trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
I cannot wait to sink my teeth into your adoption stories but i homeschool and i can't think about anything much during school hours. I had no idea you just got your 2 little girls! Did you say Jan of 09? I wrote earlier and told you of our Kate(adopted in Dec 08) who was reported to us as healthy and would up having spinal cord surgery in early Feb. I was in shock. Really no time to prepare but God stood by us. Your story is similar in many ways (being able to share adoption with others at the hospital, loud neighbors, lack of sleep, ect) but i must confess that your outlook has been much more Christlike than mine was in the midst of the storm. I think i was so blindsighted by the news that it sent me reeling for the entire month of Jan. We were in the hospital for 7 days and it seemed like an eternity. When you said 7 weeks, my heart sank for you. Please know that i will earnestly be praying for your stay to be much shorter, that God will heal Kate on a much quicker timeline. After all, what is time to Him...He owns it! Here is my blog for our Kate. We also have a daughter from China , Olivia, who is now 6.
BTW, i put one of your quotes on my blog cause i thought it was so great and summed up the reason we adopted again when so many thought we were crazy.
I will be praying for you all today. I am thrilled to hear of Kate's progress:)
Lisa in NC (friend of Anne Devlin)

Kim K. said...

Thanks for sharing your adoption stories, Karin. Your family is so inspiring. I hope we can meet someday.

quilt'n mama said...

I would love to hear how God opened doors for you that you were able to bring your son home in May 2008 and your girls home in Jan 2009- so close together, not the traditional timing you see in China adoption. What a blessing they are all home though and so glad to hear that kate is doing better today. We are continuing to pray!

Chris said...

Wow! I've seen your face on different comments on other blogs and only now had time to look back in your archives. Did you photoshop you picture??You do not look as if you are the mother of 10 kids and so close in age! Busy lady. I must take the time to read back through your posts.
Prayers for Kate and you and all those other sweeties.

Karin said...

I wish I knew how to use Photoshop. I got it for my birthday and have attempted to use it without success (because I am clueless-haha). So frustrating!! I do have a basic photo editing program on my computer that lets me do a few things. Someone told me about which has some cool stuff on it (free!).

Karin said...

Gayly, I think if you can scroll through some of the old posts on the blog, I wrote about how God moved mountains to open doors for us to adopt the three youngest kids. There is not a one year between adoptions rule when adopting SN from China, though. Some agencies will tell you that there is, but that is not true. Zoey and Kate's adoptions together were so mind-boggling to me. I will try to find the post where I wrote about it and post the link for you.

Kimberly said...

Karin - whenever you need a photoshop lesson I'm happy to give you some basics and get you in with folks that know more! When life settles down a little - you just let me know!

SO good to have the procedure explained - that the older style correction is what is making the difference in her recovery.

I'm going to go read your adoption stories now...

Karin said...

Kimberly--thank you! I will take you up on that. :)