Monday, April 27, 2009

7:00PM Update - Monday

"This is what I looked like at 11:30PM last night when my mom wanted to go to sleep!"

Kate's wound vac is O U T!! Yay! It was a very unpleasant experience for her...poor little tyke. The tape they used to keep it on her chest was as big as my hand. You know what it would feel like to have a band-aid pulled off your chest? Well...times that by 10! After they got the tape off, they had to take the sponge out of the wound. It was stuck to some of the skin. Owwww..... She will end up having a much wider scar there than the rest of her incision site. Thankfully, it's at the bottom of her incision, so it won't show.

They then had to change the dressing around her central line, which is in her neck--near her hair. Another huge piece of tape--this time about half the size of my palm, but of course, stuck to some of her hair.


More good news for today is that we happened onto something that she is able to E.A.T!!! Yeah!! Of all things, she likes tomato soup and ate a whole bowl!! It's a small bowl, but it's the most she has eaten in one sitting since her surgery. She slurped it up with lots of cute sound effects, including a big 'aaahhhh,' after each spoonful. :) She is trying soooo hard to swallow the solid foods that she puts in her mouth. She occasionally gets something down and then opens her mouth and points to it so that I can cheer for her. She knows we all want her to eat and she is trying to please us. My heart hurts for her. She has had some Coke today, but didn't guzzle it like I had hoped.

They told me that for the past three days, she is averaging 30% of her caloric needs and 90% of her protein. I doubt today will be any better, even though she ate the soup because she hardly drank any of her high calorie milkshakes.

Her creatine levels started rising yesterday, which means her kidney's are a bit stressed. They are not at an alarming rate or anything. If the creatine levels go up again tomorrow, they will counter it with some medicine.

I have asked for a different medicine for the thrush, but haven't gotten an answer. She still has it--it's visible on her tongue, and I'm sure it's in her throat, since she still can't swallow. She obviously wants food because she puts it in her mouth, but then can't get it down and ends up spitting it out. She keeps trying though, bless her little heart.

My brother's wife came to visit today and her father is a doctor. She said that when he heard about how Kate was almost done with surgery but started to bleed (and they had to put her back on the heart/lung machine and open her heart up again), he said, "And she's still alive?? That's amazing because that is how most patients die during a surgery. The procedure itself goes okay but then some bleeding starts and that's when we lose them." I am soooo thankful that God preserved her life and allowed us to keep her with us.

"Graham and Tatum, thank you for the pretty pictures!"



Lori said...

Oh that's great news! But I cringed at the thought of the tape being pulled off! As if the poor baby hasn't endured enough! :(

I will continue to pray that she will EAT MORE! I sure wish someone would tell ME that!

No doubt that God's healing hand has been on her. He gets all the GLORY!

Tori said...

What a good day, or should I say God day! Here's prayers that tomorrow is even better for eating and that tonight is a better/earlier sleeping night for you both!

Cari Bacon said...

Awe...God love her! She's been through SO much. PTL for tomato soup today.


Kim K. said...

What a trooper. She's been through so much. There are big things planned for her. She's such a miracle child. Sleep well tonight. Continued prayers from the Kenward household.

sierrasmom said...

Poor baby!!! We are still here in NY praying for little Kate!!!Thanks for keeping us updated!!!

Kimberlie said...

Hooray for today! I am so happy she is eating some today. I hope she continues to eat and gets some of that weight back on her. Mostly I hope that she can go home with you soon.

God is good and He has Kate in the palm of His hand!

Kimberly said...

I cannot believe the photos today - WOW! She looks awesome! Her color is so warm, her eyes so bright! So so SO happy for you guys.

Wife of the Pres. said...

Hi Karin, Oh she is just ADORABLE!!! Look at all her hair!!! OK, that smile just brightened my day!!!!

I know people are probably suggesting all sorts of stuff and you've probably tried this, but will she eat a Go-Gurt??? Would that help with the thrush if it is bacterial? I don't know but thought of it being cool and soft.

S will NOT TOUCH any type of yogurt unless it is a Go-Gurt. We tried and tried yogurt in the hospital but NO!! But then, I discovered her passion for Go-Gurts recently. Maybe you could try those.

Hugs and I just have a feeling you'll be home soon.

OK, did you hear??? Katie Mei went HOME yesterday!!!! Yippee Jesus!! Now let's pray you and Kate home!

Karin said...

That is so awesome that Katie Mei went home!!! Yeah!!! I got her a Go-gurt and she won't touch it, but she did eat another bowl of tomato soup for lunch. :) Maybe I'll eat the Go-gurt. ;0