Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Winter Storm

As I'm sure you have seen on the news, we got slammed with a bizarre October snowstorm on Saturday night.

I am happy to say we have power. Ecstatically happy.

I'm not so happy to say that many of our town, and nearby towns, do not.

We do not have cable, Internet, or home phone, so we didn't know how to find out of there was church yesterday without driving over to see.

It was cancelled.

School is cancelled. We have been told that most areas should not expect to receive power until Thursday. Yikes!

The teen has decided to sleep all day because he is bored out of his skull.

There are so many trees down. It's amazing. And seems much worse than the aftermath of Irene. The power outages from that are so fresh in the minds of everyone here. I don't think anyone was really up for round two. I know I certainly wasn't. Our lights started flickering on Saturday and all I could do was hold my breath and pray, "Oh God, please have mercy. I can't take the kids out to the backyard to poop in the snow." ha

I really feel for those without power because it's cold. Like in the 30's at night kind of cold. Not good for babies and kids who can't keep covers on. Not too much fun for crews out trying to restore power either.

And let's not forget how early it gets dark this time of year. Yeah. 5:30 and it's dark with nothing to do. Yippee.

Like I said...I'm deliriously happy to have power.

I'm using some kind of AT&T apparatus to get Internet but it's slow as a snail (think dial-up) so I'm not sure how many pictures I will have the patience to upload, but I'll give it a try.

I drove around yesterday taking photos because....well...despite the awfulness of the situation, the color of the leaves set against a back drop of snow is quite beautiful. It definitely made me think of the Majesty of the Creator and how all this beauty was just a little foretaste of heaven.

{OK--scratch the picture idea. They won't upload. When we get Internet back, I'll post some.}

Friday, October 28, 2011

Doors of Israel in two sizes

Finally getting this done.... {but I made it in plenty of time for Christmas!}

Here are two sizes of the Doors Of Israel print. I have previously offered the 16x24 and now have an 11x14 available.

The 11x14 needed an extra row of doors to make it work--so it is slightly different than the original print.

Here is the 11x14 priced at $35 + $4 shipping.

And here is the 16x24, priced at $65 plus $4 shipping

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO Morning Star Foundation to help the babies. If you would like to purchase, please leave a comment below with an email address and I will contact you for payment details.

Thank you so much!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's here!

Zoey's new leg that is! It's so cute.

Unwrapping it...

Checking it out...

The difference... (guess we should have taken the soccer sock off first... She wanted to be a
'soccer guy' at school for dress up day so she was in uniform when the package came)

Trying it out...

Constipated smile for the obligatory-for-mom shot

Look out world!!!

She is actually struggling with it a bit. It is so different for her to have a foot that has so much give in it. The ankle still doesn't bend but the foot has a lot of give, which enables her to bend the middle of it. She tends to limp instead. She's trying--but it will take some getting used to. Her knee seems to be holding up just fine so that is a positive sign.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miss Zoey is getting a new leg!

Well, Miss Zoey has grown enough that she is needing a new leg! For the past three weeks, we have made a once-a-week trip to Shriners for fittings. We were excited to hear that she is going to be able to try a below-the-knee leg this time! Yay! Her current leg goes up over her knee with kind of butterfly sides so that she can bend it. However, she cannot bend her knee completely and it's annoying to her.

Her new leg will allow her to bend her leg enough to sit crossed legged. Woohoo! She is also getting a higher tech foot that gives a lot so that it feels more like a real one. Cool! Her current leg has a completely stationary foot. She just knows that the new one will enable her to run faster and jump higher!

We are expecting her new leg to arrive in the mail any day now. She chose a plaid fabric this time and we are anxious to see what it looks like. ( Mama is going to miss that adorable flowered one but it has gotten pretty battered and scratched!)

Week One...Chloe went too for a check-up. There were sailor's there visiting the kids. So cool! I was very proud of our military when I saw them interacting with the kids.

Time for the saw after getting a casted model of her leg.

Zoey hates the noise of the saw!

Week two--Mommy forgot the camera. Ack!

Week three--This time they had dogs available for the kids to play with. Zoey loved it!

First glimpse of her new leg! It's much shorter and look how clean that foot is! The fabric will be added last.

Lots of walking when you get a new leg. Zoey was getting very disgusted with how many times she had to walk back and forth, back and forth. So funny!

Our last trip was so pretty because all the leaves were changing. Enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Excitement Around Here

A few weeks ago, I got a very exciting email from a staff member at Give Kids the World.
{GKTW is where we stayed when we were in Florida on SaraGrace's Make-A-Wish trip.} Anyhoo...the staff member had stumbled across my blog and contacted me to ask if I would be willing to let them use any of my photos.


I was totally flattered...excited...thrilled because I know that they have volunteer staff who use some very nice equipment to take advertising photos for them.

So I sent her some.

Today she sent me their first completed project--a large banner with SaraGrace's picture on it. It's so cute! And because I love to advertise for GKTW, I am going to post the photo she sent me as well as encourage you to go check out their website. It is not part of Make-A-Wish, but MAW sends a lot of their kids there. GKTW is only for families who have a child with a life-threatening health condition. We loved our time there--so many amazing children and families. GKTW depend on volunteers and donations to keep operating. It would be such a great place to volunteer for a day if you were in FL on vacation.
They have some more advertising projects that they told me they would share with me in November. I can't wait to see them!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Saturday in Vermont

We {ok..."I"} have been wanting to see the covered bridges of Vermont since the day I found out we were moving to New England.

However...taking a bunch of small children in two vans and driving around all day didn't seem too appealing to anyone in my family.

Just kidding.

Our kids' school was supposed to have a Harvest Fair on Saturday but it was postponed due to rain so Jeff suggested we make our much anticipated trip to Vermont.

Yes, it was raining. But better to see the bridges in the rain than not at all, right?


So everyone piled in two vans and off we went. We were five minutes down the road and Jake asked, 'How wong til we get dere?"


Our first stop was the Vermont General Store. I had looked it up online and was all prepared for it's coolness.

It didn't disappoint. If you like all things nostalgic, you would love this place. You really should visit us so we can take you there.
Come know you want to.

Our kids were able to see things like: Mrs. Beasley, metal kazoos, tinker toys, penny candy (for real--not $25 ea), old brands of soda pop, cast iron stove, etc.
Picnik collage1

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage3

Picnik collage4

And then it was on to the bridges. Oh my goodness...the countryside...Swoon! It was so beautiful. I tried to take photos through the car window but with the rain, the wipers, and trying to drive and shoot at the same time....well....most of them were blurry or just not that great.

These photos were taken in a small town--Grafton, I believe. There were two bridges there. At the second one Jeff pulled up next to me and said, "Do you want to photograph this or are they all starting to look the same?"


Why did I get the feeling that this day was going to be way more exciting for me than for some members of my family?

I started brainwashing the little kids in my car. "Isn't this cool? Isn't this fun?"
"Yes! Yes!" they all agreed.
Picnik collage_low_res

So cool...a REAL covered bridge. Wheee!
Vermont 254

Same bridge....antique processing.
Vermont 270_70s

And here is another one! Are you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one?
Neither was my family.
I, however, was thinking that the scenery was a little piece of heaven.
Vermont 284_ethereal

Same bridge...different processing.
Vermont 284_heartland

And here is another one. OK--I admit this is getting a little bit redundant but I promise you that it didn't seem like it when we were driving to each one.
At least...not for me.
I'm starting to understand the older kids' less than thrilled reaction to it all.
Vermont 388_edit

OK--now this one was cool. It was still in use. We drove through it and the little kids were all yelling about how amazing it was. The older girls told me later that they thought it was going to fall down and they were scared.
Vermont 482_boost

Last one...and thank goodness it's red.
Because everyone knows that all Vermont covered bridges are SUPPOSED to be red.
Every calendar has RED covered bridges right?
Who would buy a calendar with brown or weathered gray ones?
Vermont 517_warm

This one is not in use for vehicles but we were able to walk through it--which was fun.
Vermont 539_boost

It was only sprinkling here so most of the family was willing to pose for a photo.
Vermont 563_boost

It was worth every minute of the drive. I was in awe of the beauty there.
I was also a little in awe at the rudeness of the drivers in New Hampshire and Vermont.
Good grief!
I'm pretty sure that they keep their hands on their horns at all times just in case someone might be thinking of any type of rule infraction.
Never let a good infraction go to waste.
If there is even a hint that someone might be considering slowing down in front of you, be sure to honk.