Friday, October 28, 2011

Doors of Israel in two sizes

Finally getting this done.... {but I made it in plenty of time for Christmas!}

Here are two sizes of the Doors Of Israel print. I have previously offered the 16x24 and now have an 11x14 available.

The 11x14 needed an extra row of doors to make it work--so it is slightly different than the original print.

Here is the 11x14 priced at $35 + $4 shipping.

And here is the 16x24, priced at $65 plus $4 shipping

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO Morning Star Foundation to help the babies. If you would like to purchase, please leave a comment below with an email address and I will contact you for payment details.

Thank you so much!!


Anonymous said...

would love to help the babies...I like the 16x24

email address is:

look forward to hearing from you

trustandobey said...

Way to go , Karen!

Sharon said...

Karin, I'm sorry I didn't get back with you sooner. I saw this on Friday and wanted to talk to Jack about it and then forgot over the weekend. Anyway, we would like the 16x24. Thanks!

Jo's Corner said...

I want one, too! I think I was the one that talked about you doing a collage, didn't I? It's so pretty. But, I need to wait a few days. End of the month = ZERO money! I WILL be in touch.

Vinnie's Warriors said...

I would like one - please email me!

Wendy said...

Hope you are still selling these. Would love the 16x24 one. Please let me know. Beautiful!!!
wendy at

Holly said...

I'd like more info