Monday, October 03, 2011

Saturday in Vermont

We {ok..."I"} have been wanting to see the covered bridges of Vermont since the day I found out we were moving to New England.

However...taking a bunch of small children in two vans and driving around all day didn't seem too appealing to anyone in my family.

Just kidding.

Our kids' school was supposed to have a Harvest Fair on Saturday but it was postponed due to rain so Jeff suggested we make our much anticipated trip to Vermont.

Yes, it was raining. But better to see the bridges in the rain than not at all, right?


So everyone piled in two vans and off we went. We were five minutes down the road and Jake asked, 'How wong til we get dere?"


Our first stop was the Vermont General Store. I had looked it up online and was all prepared for it's coolness.

It didn't disappoint. If you like all things nostalgic, you would love this place. You really should visit us so we can take you there.
Come know you want to.

Our kids were able to see things like: Mrs. Beasley, metal kazoos, tinker toys, penny candy (for real--not $25 ea), old brands of soda pop, cast iron stove, etc.
Picnik collage1

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage3

Picnik collage4

And then it was on to the bridges. Oh my goodness...the countryside...Swoon! It was so beautiful. I tried to take photos through the car window but with the rain, the wipers, and trying to drive and shoot at the same time....well....most of them were blurry or just not that great.

These photos were taken in a small town--Grafton, I believe. There were two bridges there. At the second one Jeff pulled up next to me and said, "Do you want to photograph this or are they all starting to look the same?"


Why did I get the feeling that this day was going to be way more exciting for me than for some members of my family?

I started brainwashing the little kids in my car. "Isn't this cool? Isn't this fun?"
"Yes! Yes!" they all agreed.
Picnik collage_low_res

So cool...a REAL covered bridge. Wheee!
Vermont 254

Same bridge....antique processing.
Vermont 270_70s

And here is another one! Are you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one?
Neither was my family.
I, however, was thinking that the scenery was a little piece of heaven.
Vermont 284_ethereal

Same bridge...different processing.
Vermont 284_heartland

And here is another one. OK--I admit this is getting a little bit redundant but I promise you that it didn't seem like it when we were driving to each one.
At least...not for me.
I'm starting to understand the older kids' less than thrilled reaction to it all.
Vermont 388_edit

OK--now this one was cool. It was still in use. We drove through it and the little kids were all yelling about how amazing it was. The older girls told me later that they thought it was going to fall down and they were scared.
Vermont 482_boost

Last one...and thank goodness it's red.
Because everyone knows that all Vermont covered bridges are SUPPOSED to be red.
Every calendar has RED covered bridges right?
Who would buy a calendar with brown or weathered gray ones?
Vermont 517_warm

This one is not in use for vehicles but we were able to walk through it--which was fun.
Vermont 539_boost

It was only sprinkling here so most of the family was willing to pose for a photo.
Vermont 563_boost

It was worth every minute of the drive. I was in awe of the beauty there.
I was also a little in awe at the rudeness of the drivers in New Hampshire and Vermont.
Good grief!
I'm pretty sure that they keep their hands on their horns at all times just in case someone might be thinking of any type of rule infraction.
Never let a good infraction go to waste.
If there is even a hint that someone might be considering slowing down in front of you, be sure to honk.


Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I love this entire post. Every last picture. Although it is making me even more depressed that I live in Kansas. Perhaps I'll go out and take some photos of some corn in a flat field. Sigh.

Oh and I still have my Mrs. Beasley doll!

Angie said...

What beautiful scenery. One of these years we'll make it out there!

judy said...

It is so beautiful in Vermont . We spent the last week of Aug. there ,on a lake , yes, the week of Irene. Our cabin withstood the storm ,but we tried to go to the general store and covered bridges and the roads were washed out ..Maybe next time we can .. thanks for sharing ,now I know it is worth the trip to the general store :0 .. Judy

trustandobey said...

Remember that list of beautiful, wonderful things about New England I wrote for you before you moved there? Well, I think I left off the bridges. Thanks for the memories. Great photos!

Kim K. said...

I been scrolling up and down soaking in every detail. Your pictures are just spectacular. I want to be there taking in all those amazing bridges. That country store speaks to me. Thank you for taking us along, Karin!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

My Mom searched and searched for a Mrs. Beasley doll for my sister and I think finally snagged one the day before Christmas way back when!

I love the 'winter-like' processing on the one bridge and of course the full-color photos inspired me to get a mug of apple cider and look at them all over again!

Maybe those VT, NH drivers have ingested too much sugary maple syrup and they're all hyped up?

Jamie and Angela said...

You need to come up here to New Brunswick, Canada. We have the longest covered bridge in the world!

Grace Info said...

nice pics

Sharon said...

Karin, thanks for sharing this...SO beautiful!!! We are having really great fall weather here and is supposed to be good all week! It will probably be coming your way hopefully! :)

Gretchen said...

Oh Karen, thank you so much for these amazing pictures! I love that you bring New England to me. You know I so want to be there! Maybe one day...sigh....

James, Dawn and Family said...


Sammy said...

Nice pictures!

Jo's Corner said...

HEAVEN!! Let me say it again, "HEAVEN"!! Oh my Prettiness! What's up with those kids of yours? ACK
(Kidding!) But, I will be on the next train to come visit!! The whole trip looks like it would be SO much fun. Love every photo! And, the General Store! I would love that! I have so many fond memories of the 60's and penny candy. And, pick-up sticks and jacks! My Granny had a tiny little store right across the street from her house and she's give us a dime and send us on our way for penny candy. Oh the choices. I kind of feel sorry for the older couple who waited and waited and waited for us to choose TEN pieces of candy! Karin, this post made my day!! Thanks, for sharing the beauty with those of us who appreciate it! Hugs! ~ Jo

Tesseraemum said...

Love the Pics!!!
When you are traveling through Ohio let me know! We have no less than 7 covered bridges in our county! Not kidding! The scenery is slightly more flat but still picture postcard worthy!!
My husband was so jealous about the Vermont Country Store! He gets their catalog. Seriously. Just let me know when you want to come to central ohio. Sheri

Kim Priestap said...

I would never get tired of looking at covered bridges! Maybe some day Steve and I can get a weekend to ourselves and head up to Vermont.

Theanne and Baron said...

loved the covered bridges weathered and all, but then I'm ancient ;)
the store that had all the old stuff is fantastic...I remember "bubble up" and a lot of the stuff they penny candy that's really a penny. I enjoyed this trip thanks for taking me!

Marie said...

Having many kids myself and having had to travel from VA to FL and back several times I can sympathize with your feelings lol. Loved all the pictures! I am sure the kids will appreciate it more and more the older they get.

Emily C. Reynolds said...

I *love* your photography! I worked for many years with a professional photographer doing weddings, and it's gorgeous pictures like this that make me want to get back into it, even just for fun. (I don't miss not having my weekends, though...) ;)

Been meaning to drop by and let you know how much I enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing!

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