Monday, August 20, 2007

Little Man Jake has had a birthday

I should have updated this blog long ago--the summer has gotten away from me. Baby Jake turned one on July 14th. He was rather confused by all the hooplah, but the cake was good. :)

We have had a pretty quiet, laid back summer. We have stayed home mostly, letting Jake get adjusted to his new life and crazy family. He seems to like us. :) (Mommy is his current favorite, much to my delight). He is such a sweet little guy--although he rarely lets me hold him for long. He is extremely active and curious. He is into everything and I am thankful for the watchful eyes of his big sisters! He is such a happy baby--we are so grateful! I have had a hard time trying to capture a smile on camera, though, because he hates the flash and squints as soon as he sees the me coming. Here are some pictures of his birthday, and some recent favorites.

And last but not least, a family photo attempt (ha!) a few days ago....