Monday, November 03, 2014

Farewell, New England...

I hinted in my last post about needing to catch up on some news. 

And then I didn't post.

Because I can't get my act together, ya'll.

The reason for that is that we are moving South in 10 days.  Eeek!  Jeff has been working down there since mid-July while the kids and I remained behind to get the house sold.  It took awhile, but it finally sold.

We were soooo done getting the house ready for showings.  We all got pretty good at stashing things in weird places and we are still looking for some of those items.  Argh.

And now it is time to say goodbye....goodbye to some of our favorite places...

 The Mayflower in Plymouth - where it all began for us...

We have loved living in New England, despite being so far from family.  Our church family has become so dear to our hearts and our kids have benefited greatly from the excellent doctors in Boston. 
My favorite harbor
Sturbridge Village
Seeing Mitt Romney
And Scott Brown
Driving the infamous White Mountains to see the fall folliage
Going for a boat ride and climbing rocks near the Light Houses in Maine
Traveling to the spot where the "shot heard 'round the world was fired," Lexington MA
 Then on to Concord where the militia marched that day...where the Waldon Pond, the David Henry Thoreau home and Louisa May Alcott home is located.
And favorite city of all
Many trips to this hospital
And meeting 'Ben Franklin'
Farewell, Boston...

 We will miss all of our friends here as well as the amazing New England history and  picturesque village greens, white steeples and picket fences in every town.  We didn't want to move here but God had wonderful blessings and surprises in store for us.  We have had heartache here at times but through it all, God has held us and grown us in new ways.  He is so good!

Now we are on to a new adventure - our first time living in the South.  We will treasure the memories and friends we have made here and look forward to making new friends soon.