Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why I haven't been posting on this blog....

There are a number of reasons but the main one is that we just aren't that exciting around here lately.

Our days kind of repeat and do not lend themselves to multiple blog posts.  Oh...there have been some possibilities but I often run out of steam and just mindlessly scroll through Facebook posts at night instead.

Pathetic, I know.

Homeschool has been a good year so far overall but part way through the year, we all started to get a bit bored.  Staring at computer screens daily became a bit dull for the kids, while typing schedules and grading papers turned to a bit of drudgery for me.

So I began to pray and ask around.  What were other people doing?  And what were large families doing?

A friend recommended Heart of Dakota - a curriculum that we decided to try because my friend graciously offered to loan us some of her books.

I decided to switch the four oldest kids to see if it would be a good fit for all of us next year.  Although our start was a bit rocky, we now love it!  We are spending lots of face time together and I am learning a lot of history that I never learned in school.  So fun!

The little kids are begging to switch mid-year but I'm holding them off until fall.  They see all the fun things their big sisters are doing and reading and feel left out.  Their time will come....

In the meantime, the days pass like this:

Making the breast plate of the Jewish High Priest (12 Tribes of Israel with Hebrew inscriptions).  There are cool projects to make and they are all with supplies we generally have around the house and things the kids can do on their own.  (ie:  Mom doesn't have to be an art teacher)

Jordan came up with a race track, complete with a movable arm for the guy with the flag.  He loves to create things out of paper - or whatever he can find.

SaraGrace basically photobombs her own picture.

Music class with their video.  SaraGrace often does video classes with the younger kids just for fun.  Then she pretends she is a teacher when they are playing. 

So that's it.
Our super exciting family.
We should have a reality show.

The end.