Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

 Checking out their Easter baskets.  The little kids got buckets as 'baskets' this year.

Then it was outside for the egg hunt!  Most of them wanted to change clothes, so I'm thankful I was able to get a photo of my treasures before they changed into jeans and sweatshirts.  There was much drama this morning before church as we realized that one dress was too small, the two pairs of lacy socks I had purchased were missing, as were all the matching hair bows, and one purchased dress was not as appealing at home as it had been at the store.
Oh...and several girls had shoes that weren't fitting either.
The boys were much easier to dress, that's for sure!
 Ready!  Set!  GO!!!!

 It was only around 60 degrees, but the kids think it's time to break out all their summer clothes.

 Checking the eggs!
 Deciding what to keep and what to trade...

 Everyone puts the loot in a baggie with their name on it so we can keep it all straight.

 "Any chance I'm getting any treats today?"

" P-u-leese?!"
"Yeah, didn't think so.  But while you were at church, I got into the teen's chocolate stash and ate a chocolate candy bar.  So....I'm thinkin' I'll be leaving you a little present when my body rejects it later on tonight."

He Is Risen!

 The Garden Tomb...believed to have been the place where Jesus briefly lay.

Inside of the tomb's door.

Our Redeemer Lives!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adventures in Home Schooling

What has been happening in our home schooling adventure?


Instead of finding this little guy asleep with toys in his bed, now I find books.

Our seeds have started growing.
And growing.
And now we have had to transplant them into bigger pots.
The teenager scoffs at our amatuerish attempts and gives advice (but no useful labor). 
For those of you who are experts, feel free to chime in with advice.

We know these need to be thinned but not exactly sure how much.

Last week, I scored a fabulous, $3.99 purchase at TJ Ma*x.
Tiddledy Winks!
I thought the kids might get a kick out of them for 'recess' time. 
You were already judging me, weren't you?  Wondering how they had any educational value? 
I guess you could say it improves hand-eye coordination.

I was not prepared for what a huge hit this game was!  They LOVED it! 
Who knew?
I kind of love it, too. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Farmer in the Dell

No idea what Farmer in the Dell means...
And I won't do a commercial for Dell computers because I don't like any that I've ever bought.
But I couldn't think of a title.
So shoot me.

The kids and I are hankering for spring in a big way.
What says spring better than seeing seed packets at the store?
Since we are homeschooling, we thought it would be fun to try to grow something.
The kids are extremely excited about it.
Let's see if they are this enthusiastic if/when our plants grow outside and the sun and mosquitoes make harvesting difficult.
That always cooled my say the least.

Getting instructions on how to put their seeds into the dirt.

Let's hope these peas make it to our dinner table.

Love seeing little fingers poking seeds into soil.

Taking turns.

"Look at my fingers, Mom!"

Zoey was very intent on getting her seeds pushed to the correct depth.

Jake had some trouble with the whole concept of waiting his turn and everyone was mad at him by this point.

The kids were very excited today to see that there are already a few green shoots coming up!  I have a feeling we planted them a bit too early.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Birthday Boy

Jordan had a birthday this week.
He was so excited to have a special day and get some presents.
He chose the same dinner that he chooses every year...spaghetti and meatballs.

Jillian made him a cake.
Jordan has said for about a year that he hopes to be a pastor/doctor/missionary when he grows up.
Jillian decided to make a cake to reflect that, so she included a Bible, and some medical equipment on his cake.  So cute!

Such a handsome boy!

Jordan "sandwich"

 SaraGrace is currently on a photography kick and has been documenting everyone's activities this week.  (Mostly her own...ha)

A double barreled Nerf blaster.  Su-weeet!

"I wonder if I am going to get anything."

"It's not looking very promising."

"Meh.  I don't understand all the hoopla about a few crummy pieces of plastic.  There wasn't a bone in sight."