Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Farmer in the Dell

No idea what Farmer in the Dell means...
And I won't do a commercial for Dell computers because I don't like any that I've ever bought.
But I couldn't think of a title.
So shoot me.

The kids and I are hankering for spring in a big way.
What says spring better than seeing seed packets at the store?
Since we are homeschooling, we thought it would be fun to try to grow something.
The kids are extremely excited about it.
Let's see if they are this enthusiastic if/when our plants grow outside and the sun and mosquitoes make harvesting difficult.
That always cooled my excitement...to say the least.

Getting instructions on how to put their seeds into the dirt.

Let's hope these peas make it to our dinner table.

Love seeing little fingers poking seeds into soil.

Taking turns.

"Look at my fingers, Mom!"

Zoey was very intent on getting her seeds pushed to the correct depth.

Jake had some trouble with the whole concept of waiting his turn and everyone was mad at him by this point.

The kids were very excited today to see that there are already a few green shoots coming up!  I have a feeling we planted them a bit too early.


Kim K. said...

We have some seeds started and they will end up on the back deck until the ground is ready. It's ok that you've started them now. You might just have to transplant them a few more times. How fun!

:)De said...

Best wishes on your garden. For the past 4 years or so most of our harvest never makes it to the table. Let's just say my pickers are extreme tasters!

Shelly said...

OH, so fun! And our kids love eating the veggies they've grown in the garden. Although they are never very happy with the pulling of weeds. :)

city said...

thanks for share.