Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miss Zoey is getting a new leg!

Well, Miss Zoey has grown enough that she is needing a new leg! For the past three weeks, we have made a once-a-week trip to Shriners for fittings. We were excited to hear that she is going to be able to try a below-the-knee leg this time! Yay! Her current leg goes up over her knee with kind of butterfly sides so that she can bend it. However, she cannot bend her knee completely and it's annoying to her.

Her new leg will allow her to bend her leg enough to sit crossed legged. Woohoo! She is also getting a higher tech foot that gives a lot so that it feels more like a real one. Cool! Her current leg has a completely stationary foot. She just knows that the new one will enable her to run faster and jump higher!

We are expecting her new leg to arrive in the mail any day now. She chose a plaid fabric this time and we are anxious to see what it looks like. ( Mama is going to miss that adorable flowered one but it has gotten pretty battered and scratched!)

Week One...Chloe went too for a check-up. There were sailor's there visiting the kids. So cool! I was very proud of our military when I saw them interacting with the kids.

Time for the saw after getting a casted model of her leg.

Zoey hates the noise of the saw!

Week two--Mommy forgot the camera. Ack!

Week three--This time they had dogs available for the kids to play with. Zoey loved it!

First glimpse of her new leg! It's much shorter and look how clean that foot is! The fabric will be added last.

Lots of walking when you get a new leg. Zoey was getting very disgusted with how many times she had to walk back and forth, back and forth. So funny!

Our last trip was so pretty because all the leaves were changing. Enjoy!


Angie said...

My goodness, you're growing up fast, Zoey! Jenna has to hear that saw tomorrow when she gets her cast cut off. I hope she will be as brave as you were!

Kim K. said...

Wonderful pictures, Karin. I'm so proud of Zoey. I can't wait to see her new leg. That plaid covering sounds fabulous. Continued blessings to ALL your sweet kiddos.

Kristin Ferguson said...

I guess I really didn't think about the whole growing out of the leg thing. Guess you'll be back to Shriners quite a bit over the years. I hope the shorter leg is less annoying to Zoey!

Cari said...

yay zoey! can't wait to see the plaid either.

your fall pics are beautiful, too!

Anonymous said...

How absolutely wonderful for you Zoey! Excellent photos Mom...particularly like the one with you and the dog and where you're walking and walking to make sure there're no probs with that fantastic new leg! I'm just so excited for you Zoey!

Chris said...

Karen, how is the leg going to stay on? Joe just got his first fitting for his new legs and his go over his knees too. Well, I guess it will probably be for only a year...hopefully that long.

Sharon said...

Zoey is growing SO fast! I love to see that beautiful smile she always has. Love the gorgeous fall pictures! :)

Tesseraemum said...

Very Cool!!
My nephew (a senior in high school) is planning to study bio engineering with the thought that he will make "pros-other legs" and arms! Some that will move when your brain tells it too!! Very exciting!! Sheri

Emily C. Reynolds said...

Zoey must be so excited! I'm soooo happy for you guys and for her, of course. I'll never forget visiting her at the orphanage. I look at pics of her now and can't believe it's the same little girl. She is SOOOO happy!!!! It brings joy to my heart every time.