Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Winter Storm

As I'm sure you have seen on the news, we got slammed with a bizarre October snowstorm on Saturday night.

I am happy to say we have power. Ecstatically happy.

I'm not so happy to say that many of our town, and nearby towns, do not.

We do not have cable, Internet, or home phone, so we didn't know how to find out of there was church yesterday without driving over to see.

It was cancelled.

School is cancelled. We have been told that most areas should not expect to receive power until Thursday. Yikes!

The teen has decided to sleep all day because he is bored out of his skull.

There are so many trees down. It's amazing. And seems much worse than the aftermath of Irene. The power outages from that are so fresh in the minds of everyone here. I don't think anyone was really up for round two. I know I certainly wasn't. Our lights started flickering on Saturday and all I could do was hold my breath and pray, "Oh God, please have mercy. I can't take the kids out to the backyard to poop in the snow." ha

I really feel for those without power because it's cold. Like in the 30's at night kind of cold. Not good for babies and kids who can't keep covers on. Not too much fun for crews out trying to restore power either.

And let's not forget how early it gets dark this time of year. Yeah. 5:30 and it's dark with nothing to do. Yippee.

Like I said...I'm deliriously happy to have power.

I'm using some kind of AT&T apparatus to get Internet but it's slow as a snail (think dial-up) so I'm not sure how many pictures I will have the patience to upload, but I'll give it a try.

I drove around yesterday taking photos because....well...despite the awfulness of the situation, the color of the leaves set against a back drop of snow is quite beautiful. It definitely made me think of the Majesty of the Creator and how all this beauty was just a little foretaste of heaven.

{OK--scratch the picture idea. They won't upload. When we get Internet back, I'll post some.}


Lori said...

You know, I'm rethinking my jealously on this matter. Our weather here has been ridiculously I think I'll just stay put here and take snow a little know, in the WINTER.

I'm super glad you have power though. And speaking of that, perhaps after this storm is over, it would be a good time for you guys to go generator shopping. Really, you need to do that.

Tesseraemum said...

SOOO glad you have power!!

I agree with Lori! A generator may be a good purchase even if you only hook the well up to it! You don't want frost bitten butts!! Sheri

Jean said...

I bet it is beautiful!! Looking forward to seeing those pictures!!

If we got snow this early- it would never melt until March! Hope yours melts- so you can have a little more fall!!

Thankful for the power but sorry about the internet!

Kim K. said...

Emma and I were talking about your family this morning and wondering how you were doing. I can't get over the snow. Unbelievable. Please know we're thinking of you ALL. Happy Halloween by the way!

Jo's Corner said...

Exactly 20 years ago today (on Halloween), we got 28 inches of snow! CRAZY! Kids here in MN. are pretty much used to having to bundle up to Trick or Treat, but this year it's 54 degrees! Things got switched around! I was wondering if you were affected by the snow or Snowtober as ABC News is calling it. I heard they cancelled Halloween due to downed power lines, but they said people could take their children to local shopping malls. I don't "do" Halloween, for many reasons (like I'm too OLD!!) ; ). I don't know if your kids trick or treat, but if they do, maybe you could try a mall?? Can't wait to see the snow pictures! Go out and make a Snow Angel and get one of the kids to take a picture of you! Come on! I need something to make me smile!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you have power...I just couldn't imagine you and all the kids sans electricity...I know it's horrible for those without...hopefully they filled tubs and containers for toilet flushing, bought bottled water and have a gas or wood fireplace. At least when our power was off when I was taking care of Don it was summertime, I don't know what I would have done in the wintertime. Going to a shelter wouldn't have worked for us because he had too many special needs. So be safe, the teen will survive and look forward to your photos when you're able to upload!

Chris said...

I know I feel so blessed to have electricity, even if it blinked so many times on Sat that I turned off the computer.
Joe told me today that he was one of 3 people in his class to have electricity this AM...there are only 12 in his class...but still

sara said...

so glad you have power!!!! praying you keep it!