Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween cancelled....{gasp}

OK--Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I would ignore it completely except that I remember how much I liked dressing up and getting candy when I was a kid.

Well, when the storm knocked out power here, it was decided by our town--and most surrounding towns--that it was too dangerous to have the kiddos out trick-or-treating. Kinda hard to see where you are going in the pitch darkness, not to mention that some towns still have live power lines down.

Our neighborhood had power, so when an email was sent out explaining that the town had decided to reschedule trick-or-treating to Friday night, there was a flurry of email response. It seems that some parents didn't think their children could handle the terrible disappointment of having to wait an extra four days for Halloween.


Your kids can't understand that there are people in their community with no power (aka...freezing cold) and that the holiday is just going to take a few extra days to arrive?

You know what? If our kids cannot handle such a small disappointment, what will they do when a true hardship befalls them? What are we teaching them if we never let them experience any discomfort? UGH.

It was decided that our neighborhood would have two nights of trick-or-treat...last night and the official night this Friday.

Jeff and I were disgusted. And didn't participate. What was really funny is that when I was explaining everything to our kids, and mentioned that they might see a few trick-or-treaters out, Molly said, 'I think that is ridiculous. We don't need to trick-or-treat twice." Thank you, Molly. Out of the mouth of an 11 year old.

OK--stepping off my soap box to post some pictures, because we have Internet this morning!

Tree branches down in the town center. This was a common sight.

No matter the circumstances....God is love.

My favorite barn...{swoon}


Kim K. said...

Unbelievable. We've been following it on the news, but to see it on your blog makes it even more real.

Anonymous said...

fall and winter, co-mingled...beautiful photos

Lori said...

First, your photos are AMAZINGLY beautiful. LOVE!

And the trick-or-treat thing. Ummm, ridiculous IS the word. You nailed it, if a real tragedy should ever happen, heaven help those pampered little children.


Angie said...

Beautiful photos...but glad they're not from here! Really? So much snow? Here's hoping it's not a precursor of a winter to come. Oh, and, Molly...you are very wise, young lady!

sara said...

oh my word those pictures are gorgeous!!!!

Johnie Appleseed said...

Pictures are great. To think I am grumpy about rain and 40 degree weather.

Cari said...

thats just crazy about the 2 different nights. i think molly is a very smart girl! love the pics but not the snow...lol

Mama Melissa said...

I completely, completely agree with you. That's ridiculous. I would'a done the same thing.

And how amazing of your 11 YO to "get it" :D Love that when that happens.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! And you are raising some very smart kidos!