Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haircuts gone horribly awry...

It's no big secret that I cut my kids' hair.

It usually turns out fairly well.
They're kids.
How coiffed do they have to be?

And besides...when the older boys were little, they suffered through some pretty horrible hair cuts by 'professional' stylists that must not have finished at the top of their class.
Just sayin'... I figured I couldn't do any worse and I wouldn't have to pay $12.

Last night the little boys needed haircuts. For some reason, they had ants in their pants. Normally they are so good about sitting still but not last night. Jordan kept turning his head from side to side just as I was cutting.

Exasperated, I said to him, "PLEASE...sit still. Your hair is going to look totally weird if you don't stop wiggling and turning your head when I'm trying to cut it."

Jeff was walking by and said, "Yeah. Sit still or you're going to look Lloyd from 'Dumb and Dumber.' Oops....too late."

And I'm sad to say...

Well, you take a look and see if he doesn't bear an uncanny resemblance.

Thankfully, he doesn't look in the mirror very often, so maybe he won't realize how bad it looks?

{J-Man...I'm so sorry I made your hair look THIS bad. }


Kimberlie said...

It's really not THAT bad. Seriously. And at the rate that boys' hair grows, in two weeks time it will be a distant memory.

I think you're brave. I don't have the courage to cut my kids' hair. I shell out the bucks for them and save money by not cutting/coloring mine very often. Actually, I have colored my hair in 2.5 yrs. But I do get it trimmed occasionally.

Kim K. said...

"So you're telling me there's a chance!" I haven't thought about Dumb and Dumber in ages. I made Chris and Emma come look at this post. She's up late studying for a big exam. This post totally made her night. Your son really doesn't look that awful. He's such a cutie pie.

Anonymous said...

As some one who cut her son's hair until he decided it had to be shoulder length (late 60s early 70s) I think you did a pretty good job Karin. And as Kimberlie said, hair does grow out. Remember that Jordan, your hair will grow out! And next time don't wiggle while Moms cutting ! ;-)

Karen H. said...

I agree! You didn't do a bad looks just fine! While my hubby was in the Air Force I cut his hair because it didn't have to look like anything but short! All those years ago I too cut my boys' hair. There were times that I brought them to tears. I would like to think it was out of gratitude, but I know better. They got over it and their hair grew and we tried again! Now my littlest guy gets tortured in the same manner and he is worse than all the others for sitting still. But he's so good natured that he just doesn't care...YET!

Meredith said...

I'm laughing out loud!!!! I agree though, it's not really that bad! I messed up so bad on Hudson once that I had to just buzz him! :)

Lori said...

Oh.MY.GOSH. OH MY GOSH!!!! I am SO CRACKING UP!!! Bahahahahahaha!!!!

He looks adorable. Really. And you really need to print this post off to give to him on his 16th birthday. In front of all of his friends. Really, you should.


sara said...

LOL!!! good thing he is a boy!!! :)

And hey, he's smiling so it must not be so bad!!

Jean said...

We'll thank goodness he's adorable- cuz there is a little itty bit of a resemblance regarding the hairdos!!

I used to cut our older boys hair, too! One time things didn't go well so I just buzzed it!!

I did read the other comments and got a bit of a chuckle from them!! Don't quit your day job!!

Holly said...

LOL- Karin I just love you. I have missed you terribly. I miss blogging and my blog friends and yet still feel that I cannot blog the way I used to. Oh well. It's not about me!
Anyway, he is so adorable no matter what, but that photo of Jim Carey does make me laugh..if you wouldn't have posted that...well, nobody would have gone there. LOL :)
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Wish you were my neighbor :)

Owner said...

I found a high school near by where the students are learning to cut hair.....they charge me $4.00.

I use to cut my son's hair but my wife put an end to it....oh well guest i'll never be a barber!

mary said...

He is still completely adorable!