Monday, November 07, 2011

It's that time of year

Time for a family photo.

This brings more whining, griping and general unhappiness than telling the kids to clean their rooms.

What is the big deal?

I don't get it.

I have been taking family photos for other people and thinking about how I wanted to do ours this year. I mean, most of the families I photographed were fairly congenial about the whole thing.

And I took many shots.

And there were many poses.

In more than one location.

I momentarily forgot that my family wasn't all that cooperative. Buoyed by my own foolish euphoric fantasies about getting a great family photo for us, I announced:

"We're taking family photos this weekend!"

Everyone cheered.

Right. There was a ridiculous amount of complaining.

But as the weekend neared, low and behold, it SNOWED.


So we had to wait for it to melt.

It did...and warmed up nicely but my fantasies came to an abrupt end. My main prop disappeared. Argh. You see...there was a really cool antique pick-up truck parked outside of a car refurbishing business. The truck sat out there all summer. I had finally worked up the courage to go up and ask if I could bring my family over to be photographed there. The owner was quick to oblige and said photographers have come at other times and he was fine with us coming.

And then he moved his truck. As's nowhere to be seen.

How rude.

Yesterday was beautiful...sunny and warm. Jeff asked if I wanted to do the family picture and I knew I better come up with plan B or I might miss the opportunity completely.

I put together some props (not NEARLY as cool as an antique truck....grrrr....), changed all the clothing that I had planned for us to wear, and we headed across the street to a spot I have used before.

You should have heard them grumbling. Good grief. Even the dog had an attitude.

Guess how many shots I got before there was a mutiny?


Yes, four TOTAL shots.


Not exactly what I had in mind. I reserve the right to a re-shoot if that truck reappears!
Family Pics 049_copy_boost_70s


Anonymous said...

you got Taylor to smile, I'm, everyone is smiling I'm REALLY impressed! Like the props and background, however you're right not as great as an antique dare that man move HIS truck and yes you must go back and take a picture if it appears again.

The beautiful Jerusalem Doors are here, safe and sound...excellent packaging! Thank you so much!

Angie said...

There may have been grumbling, but you'd never know by the photo. Turned out beautifully!

Kim K. said...

It's a gorgeous photo. You really have a beautiful family. I love the props too.

Stefanie said...

Well, I think the one you got is AWESOME! And really, one is all you need, right?

Kimberlie said...

I'd say that shot is money! Everyone is looking at the camera, no one has a finger up their nose, and all are smiling. Good job Karin!

sara said...

I think that is awesome! even the teenager is smiling!!!

James, Dawn and Family said...

What a beautiful picture! Everyone looks soo big....

Sharon said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!! I don't think it could be better. Actually, everyone looks very happy. :) Looks like it was worth the grumbling.

Tesseraemum said...

Wow! Just perfect!! We don't believe you! HA!!
ok, maybe the dog has an attitude but ALL of your children are just perfect! Really, don't try to deny it! Sheri

Jaime said...

Been there. I absolutely love it though Karin! So incredibly blessed!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I LOVE this photo and my Taylor is looking as handsome as ever! :)

mary said...

I love it!

Jo's Corner said...

Love the suitcases, the picnic baskets, the chalk boards (what does the one behind the doggies bum say?), the smiling Teens! Oh, and the trees and the rocks! Your family is beautiful, Karin. I'd let you take my photo! You are Gifted! I know, because I have a sister who's a professional photographer! : ) It's been fun watching her grow in her photography over the years. I think she's taken every professional photo of my nieces and nephews since they were born. Starting out as newborns in her studio. All of the different backdrops and props she created and used. Now she's a "Lifestyle" photographer and is wherever her clients want to be. In homes, on top of cars, sitting in the middle of the road on the middle dividers with cars zooming both directions! It's crazy, yet creative and fun! She seems to do mostly Seniors and is booked year round. She's blessed with a beautiful 18 year old daughter who second-shoots with her now. Brynn graduated from high school last year and is still at home, but works daily with her Mom. She also does a lot of editing for other photographers. Perhaps one or two of your teens might become interested in helping you with some shoots! Would asking them to "help" and teaching them about the camera, maybe help them to become more willing to sit for photos?? It really IS magical to create something that can be treasured for generations to come!

 .ѕтєρнιѕтя¥™! said...

I stumbled across your blog and after reading one post i couldn't stop.
I am so touched by your great heart and the love you have for all your children.

Gretchen said...

Awww...I love this picture. Very cute! You need to come down here where it is warm and take pics of my family ;)

BTW, my hubby is heading your way next Monday for business. So wish I was going with him :( Miss you!

Kim Priestap said...

What a great picture! There isn't a clue anywhere that everyone whined and complained before the shutter snapped.

luckmey said...

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