Friday, April 17, 2009

7:30AM Update - Friday

Kate had a good night. Her blood pressure was normal when I got here this morning, but has dipped a bit now. I don't think it's a big concern, though. Her fluid dumping has slowed a little--Yay!

Unfortunately, she lost the IV in her arm. The vein just didn't want to take any more fluids, and her arm started to swell. The nurse caught it right away and had to remove the IV. That only leaves her central line in her neck. They are hoping to avoid having to put a third port in that one. She was only getting lipids (fats) in her arm, so if she can start to eat a little today, she might not have to get the third port. She can go 24 hours without lipids, so we have a bit of time to work with.

Each time you come to the unit, you have to call the desk to get permission to enter. When I called, I could hear a child screaming and I knew it was Kate. All the other kids in the ICU heart unit are tiny babies. They were trying to put another IV in and wouldn't let me come back. Argh... Poor baby. (Quell the Mama Bear instinct and breathe, breathe...!) When I was allowed to come back, she was worn out from crying and they hadn't been able to get an IV started. She was opening her eyes a bit and was trying to focus on my face, but I could tell that she wasn't able to focus completely. She was a bit miffed about the IV invasion and turned away from me. wah. They have someone coming up from the lab to try again. Noooo..... She has been through that twice now and they can never get a vein.

Snorer dude woke me up at 2AM. I stuffed kleenex in my ears and turned up the sound machine to no avail. I think he was vibrating the wall between us. I finally moved to the other bed in my room and that helped a little bit so I was eventually able to get back to sleep. :)

I have been able to 'talk adoption' with several of the nurses here who are interested in adopting! YAY!!! One of the other nurses insisted that I have Jeff bring a photo of all the kids, so we could put it by Kate's bed. It was a good idea, since word traveled fast that we have 10 kids and everyone wanted to see them. It's been a great opportunity to share my love for adoption, China, and how God has moved in our lives.


Kim K. said...

I'm sorry that you aren't getting great sleep with your wallmate. Shoot. I was hoping last night would be better in the sleep department.

I love the idea of having a picture of all your kiddos in Kate's area. All the nurses are going to fall in love with them. When you get to the cardiology unit, there is a nurse that has adopted from China. I can't remember her name, but we had a great conversation last April about night terrors.

Keep the updates coming. Kate continues to be in our prayers.

Mom Of Many said...

Had to check and see if you had updated before I left the hotel.

Praying for a good vein, and that she can start to eat. The Lord has HUGE plans for Kate - I just know it...

Much love and prayers as I drive toward home (in the snowstorm out there)...Linny

Meredith said...

A picture is a great idea!! That will bring some cheer to that room!
Mark should bring you some ear plugs when he comes to see you..He's the King of ear plugs!!!

I'll be praying specifically that they find a vein quickly!!!
Love, Meredith

Kimberly said...

The picture is a wonderful idea! and ear plugs are a great idea as well!

Its wonderful to read that she's opening her eyes and that the fluids are slowing down.