Thursday, April 16, 2009

9PM Update - Thur.

Our bionic girl! :) She looks much better today!

God hears and answers prayer!! Kate's blood pressure has stayed up! Her night nurse says she thinks that the fluid is slowing down a little. YAY!! It was 'gushing' this afternoon as usual but now it has gone down to a more normal amount (which is still a lot, but more normal for a fontan heart surgery).

She hasn't wanted to be touched much today. It seems to bother her, so I am just sitting next to her bed.

Big brother, Ryan, sees Katie-bug for the first time

Grandma and Grandpa peek in

Butterfly kisses from Daddy


Michelle said...

Praying for you and Kate! Your family is beautiful.

Michelle in NC.

Cindy said...

Where could I send sweet little Kate something? My children and I have been following your blog updates closely and we would love to do this! You can email reply me privately your address or somewhere we can send a small gift to? Thanks!
Patience, hugs, and prayers, Cindy.

Ohilda said...

What beautiful and heartwarming pictures. Oh, God is so good. You're beautiful girl will be completely healed and look back at these trials and just be in total amazement at what an incredible family God found for her.

Our prayers continue.



Michele said...

Hi. I am new to your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I will be lifting sweet Kate and your whole family up in prayer. You and your family are so inspiring! What awesome parents you guys are!

Jesus heals, and I know he will take care of your sweet little girl!

Angie said...

Wow! Little Kate really looks wonderful in that top photo...great color and so peaceful! (I still think she secretly knows all the attention and just may expect this from you at home!) Thanks for keeping us updated on her great progress. What a great way to start my morning knowing Kate is improving so well. Prayers coming your way!

Karin said...

Cindy, you are so sweet. I couldn't find your email address, but if you want to email me, my email is;

Tammy said...

She looks so much better!