Monday, April 13, 2009

Update at 10PM

PINK TOES!!!! PINK TOES!!!! Wow...what a great thing to see! There is a little bruise on Kate's big toe, but her toenails are PINK, PINK, PINK! We are praising God to see those cute little toes looking so healthy!

She is off the ventilator!!! Woohoo! That means that she was able to have her breathing tube removed. She was quite unhappy about having it down her throat, so it was a relief when they finally felt she could have it removed around 9PM.

She is such a fighter! She was arching her back and trying to pull out the tube. The last hour before it was removed, Jeff and I had to stand on each side of the bed and hold her hands so she couldn't pull it out.

She had a bit of trouble with bleeding from one of her tubes and from her central line after she got restless. They were going to add a special blood product to thicken her blood, but ended up not needing it.

Her blood pressure is better now that the breathing tube is out. They told me that the first 24 hours after surgery, 'anything can happen,' so she isn't quite out of the woods. She is doing SO WELL, though!

Before they pulled the tube, she couldn't make a sound but when asked a question, she would shake her head yes or no. It was so pitiful and precious. After the tube came out, she could make sounds but of course, they are very soft. She sounds like a baby when she cries. The only thing she has said is, "Mama, Mama," which makes my heart turn over. She tries to tell me that she wants something but I can't quite make out what she's saying.

I'm pretty tired, so I'm heading to bed. They gave me a pager in case she takes a turn for the worse, so I could just run down the hall if necessary.

Thank you all for praying and for your encouraging emails and comments on the blog. I was able to read all of them today and although I haven't had a chance to write everyone back, please know, I LOVED reading them!! You have no idea how encouraging it is to log into my email and see your notes. THANK YOU!!!

Looking and feeling so much better now that the breathing tube is gone!


Lynsay said...

Oh yippee!! I'm so happy to see her pink toes, to know things have gone so well!! We will keep praying! Praying you get some sleep tonight.

Tori said...

That color pink is better than any polish I've ever seen!! Yahoo!! Will continue to pray for Kate and you and Jeff too. May God give you all a peaceful rest tonight.

mncfi said...

So wonderful to see that colour in her precious toes! Praying for Kate, and for both of you. Also for Zoe - how is she doing with her sweet "twin" being away? We're asking for God's hand in every step of her recovery. I can't wait to hear how much extra energy she has once she is up and runnng around again. Love Fi

Angie said...

What a wonderful post to read this AM! I pray Kate (and you) had a restful night! I can't wait to see how God moves in her life today...she will have such an awesome testimony to share when she's older!

Amanda said...

It is so nice to see and hear she is doing well. I hope all went well through the night and we are praying for all of you. Thank God for watching over her and you in your time of need.

Amanda, Jeff & Kids

Karen LWB said...

She has been in my prayers....I am so happy for good news. She looks great. LOVE her pink toes. This child is so extra special!!!

quilt'n mama said...

What precious pink toes! What an awesome Savior we have!
We'll continue to pray!