Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mommy update - Sun

Since you're asking... :)))

Snorer dude must have checked out because I had one night of peace and quiet last week. A new snorer then took his place. I know this because it was a gentler snore and there was a change in cadence. :)

That snorer either checked out, or I have slept through the snoring the past two nights. :) I was told there was a thunderstorm last night--I didn't hear it.

About the question on the pain for thrush...I can ask if there is a throat spray?? She is on pretty strong pain meds already, so I don't think ibuprofen would help. They are having the speech therapist come tomorrow and evaluate her. I guess the speech team can tell if there is something going on in her throat that is causing her to gag and/or not want to swallow.

Great suggestion on the Coke. I will try that tomorrow because she loves Coke. She must have had it in China because she KNOWS what a Coke can is. She is not big on anything cold (popsicle). She refused ice cream today. She really never had anything cold in China and hasn't gotten used to it yet.

Your prayers for me not to be tired have been very effective. THANK YOU!! Coffee helps, too. :) Although, I have to say it is almost impossible to get a decent cup of coffee up here. I always time it wrong and get the pot that has been sitting and sitting and sitting. Gross.

Kate, on the other hand, has not been sleeping all that much. The little stinker was awake past midnight last night. It's currently 11:20PM and she is staring at me bright-eyed. I turned HGTV on, thinking she would get bored and fall asleep, but nooooo.... She also took her diaper off around 10:30 but I didn't realize it because she was under her blanket. When I went to change her diaper, I saw it and then realized that the bed was wet. She grinned at me and thought she was so very clever. It was so sweet to see her smile that I just grinned back. She has been holding my hand all night. Wah....


Jackie said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog through another blog through another blog through get the picture. My husband and I just switched last week from NSN to SN mainly due to stories like yours and many others I have followed. Your Kate is one brave, brave little girl. My heart just aches for everything she has gone through, although let me say right now that it is nothing compared to how yours must ache watching her. You have been such an inspiration to me this past week, and you have reaffirmed my commitment to the decision we made to switch to SN. My hope is that should the need arise, I can live up to your tremendous example, and that I can be as faithful to Our Father as I know he always is to us. God Bless You and know that I am praying for a speedy recovery for your Kate.

In Him,


K said...

I've been following your blog only for a short time. I'm a waiting mom, 2 two years now, for my daughter from China.

I read that Zoey is due for surgery but can't find out why, other than it's something about her foot. Will you be able to be there with her?

I'll be remembering all of you in my prayers!

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Hi again - I'm so glad to see that Kate is slowly on the mend. It's amazing to see how resilient our little heart kids are. I've been checking in on how Kate is doing several times a day - she's doing so well, bearing in mind how complicated her Fontan has been. It really gives me hope for our son's upcoming (hopefully straightforward!) Fontan surgery for HLHS. We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and hoping that Kate will start eating more soon so she can get those drains out (and hoping that the next snorer checks out soon!) With love from across the pond XXX

Jane Hinrichs said...

Karin, I am so glad she smiled! And I love the quotes you have listed on your blog page.

Lynsay said...

Hiya! I was going to email, but I just don't have the energy! :) So, feel free to delete my nosy comment if you want! First and foremost, praying and praying. Kate hasn't been far from any of my thoughts this week.....and every time I get frustrated I just remember Kate....pretty precious when my days get filled with gunk.

Most of what I wanted to ask is about this thrush...the med side of me is getting irritated it isn't gone yet. Two things, one, it sounds like a different med needs to be tried. I assume they are using Nystatin? Sometimes that just doesn't cut it. There is an old treatment for thrush that sometimes works when nothing else will, Gentian Violet. It will make her mouth purple but may be worth it. It can be bought at the pharmacy, ask the nurse what she thinks (sometimes people make fun of me for suggesting it because it is OLD, but it works!) If not that is there a reason why they can't give her a oral medicine she swallows to treat it? That would work faster than this! I haven't looked up the contraindications, so maybe it can't be used in her situation, but you could ask, brand name is diflucan (same as they give us with yeast infections.)

Hugs from BJ.

Anonymous said...

Another suggestion for the throat. On some oncology patients, who often get the thrush, we would sometimes use a Lidocaine type spray that would 'numb' things up. Definitely keep pushing the nurses & doctors to try some different things in hopes something will work.

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
I agree with BJ on the Nystatin/Diflucan thing. Nystatin was for the birds around our house. I always asked for Diflucan because it works systemically. It is not dependent on coming into contact with the actual spots of thrush as Nystatin is. It was always my understanding that Nystatin would only squelch the thrush if it covered THE ENTIRE area of the thrush. If not, the thrush would continue to thrive. And being in the mouth, it is hard to know if you are coating the whole affected area.

Karin said...

I just asked the nurse-pracitioner if there was anything they could use besides Nystatin and she said no. argh. I will ask about Diflucan the next time someone comes in. I wrote it down and put it by the bed! Thank you Lynsay and Lisa!!!