Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Mason update

I have been praying that I would see baby Mason's mom again and when I stepped out of the unit a few minutes ago, there she was sitting in the hallway! God is so amazing how He sets up even the smallest desires of our heart.

She told me that he is holding his own. He is having different post-op issues than Kate, but he is in the same balancing act. She said that his oxygen levels are higher than they want them to be because of the routing of his blood through his heart. It needs to stop flowing so much through his lungs, and go out more to his extremeties.

She got tears in her eyes when I told her that some of you had written to say that you were praying for Mason. Thank you for blessing her with your prayers and being the hands and feet of Jesus to a young family reeling from the shock of what has transpired for them over the past week!! The dad is having a really hard time with it all. They also have a four year old daughter who needs to be entertained (grandparents are here for that--but they are worried about her getting a cold. There are lots of germs around here!)

Jeff called awhile ago and said that SaraGrace is really missing Mommy and Kate, so she is coming up to the hospital today. Yippee! I miss her so much!


Kim K. said...

Karin - SarahGrace can take advantage of the Child Life Activity Center in the Cardiology unit. They have great arts/craft projects she can work on. They have wonderful toys too. Mary Hurst (my cousin) will be trying to seek your family out. She works in this area.

Jen said...

I have been following your blog since you traveled to China. I remember when little "Yang" fist arrived at HFH! I have been praying for her ever since. I have continued and will continue to lift her and your family up in prayer!! We are waiting for our LOA for our second SN (heart) daughter. She is waiting for us in Dingyuan, Anhui. She is part of LWB foster care program. We will be facing the same thing upon her arrival home. She is will need surgery asap. She has Pulmonary Artery Atresia and a large VSD. (you may now who she is!! XAY) I so appreciate the link to the video that the hospital there gave you to watch and for allowing us to follow your journey with Kate!! I have lost count of the many tears that I have shed watching and reading your post. I do know that God has her (and you) in his hands!!!! The Great Physician is at work!! Watch out....He has GREAT things in store for little Kate!! I am also praying for baby Mason!!! (btw...that is what we are naming our new daughter, Meisyn- pronounced Mason-) Stay strong my friend!!! Praying like crazy in Indiana!!!

Tracy said...

Just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you, your little one and little Mason and his family. Following you from Arizona. God Bless.

Lee Ann said...

Praying for Kate and Mason from Arkansas. May God continue to keep you in the palm of His hand.

Lisa said...

Many prayers from West Texas for your sweet Kate and her new "friend" Mason. And maybe a few for their parents too :0)

May God be your comfort, peace and healer like never before.