Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mommy update

Thank you all for asking about me. :) I am doing just cold is much better and getting better every day. The earplugs worked--and I didn't even hear snorer dude last night. I think he might have gone home.

I actually slept well last night and think I could have slept a few more hours. I didn't get into Kate's room until almost 9AM. Yikes! Poor baby!

I really don't mind doing the hospital thing, and I believe that God has gifted me in that area. I tend to be a medical geek and am fascinated by everything they do. The blood, goo, and instruments of torture don't gross me out. I can remember most of the stuff they tell me, so I am learning to take care of Kate's medical needs and enjoy fussing over her. Even though they are doing some yucky procedures on my Katie-bug, I know that everything they are doing is keeping her alive and helping her get better. So don't worry about me...but thank you for praying!! I think that the hardest part physically on us will be when she is moved out of PICU and to a regular room. It is expected that a parent is with the child all, or most of the time, 24 hours a day. Here in PICU, I can go grab a sandwich and know that she will be in good hands while I'm gone. Over on the floor...not so much. My big weakness is not being able to function on less than 6-7 hours of sleep per night, so that could become an issue once she is moved out of PICU.

Jeff has the harder job right now, I think, because he is spinning lots of plates. So if you want to focus your prayers on him, his mom and sister, and the kids at home, that would be great! :) Molly has been running a fever yesterday and today (102), so we are trying to figure out if she has a virus, or if her cold from last week has morphed into a sinus infection. My sister-in-law-, Penny, is quite experienced with sinus infections, so I know she will handle everything well. :)


Heather said...

Karin I had no idea you were going through any of this until Karla sent a prayer request around through church. God bless you for being such a wonderful mother. I have added you Blog to my list to read so that I can keep up. Our prayers are with you, Kate and your entire family during this time. Please call or have Karla call if you ever need any type of help.

Heather Heers

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Good news. Kim P. sent out an online prayer request. Glad to hear the good report.

God bless,