Sunday, April 19, 2009

11:20AM Update - Sunday

Kate had a very good night and slept peacefully. They were able to take her off morphine!! She is only on blood pressure medication and they are turning that off this AM to see how she does. Her chest tubes are draining a bit less, so that is good. She tolerated having liquid food through the tube in her nose, so they are going to try giving her some real food--like pudding!! Yeah! Hopefully she will do well with that.

She was awake when I came in this morning and not too happy. She is not in pain, except when she moves. The chest tubes are quite painful, I am told. She is itching at her incision site, and the tape holding her chest tubes and wires in place is bothering her. So, although her condition is much improved, her discomfort level has gone up.

Kate reached for me when I came in (wah!) and the nurse said I could climb onto the bed, so I was able to sit in bed and be her recliner for about an hour. Soooo precious. She gets quite mad when we tell her she cannot rip her central line out, nor can she remove the NG tube in her nose. She had enough energy to kick her feet and have a bit of temper--for which I don't blame her! She snuggled into me, though, and it seemed to comfort her a lot. She tried sitting up for a little while in my arms and was able to do that for a few minutes before needing to lie back down. Panda Bear has been a comfort to her as well. :) She sleeping now, so I snuck off the bed to update the blog.

Jeff and some of the kids went to church this morning and then will come to visit Kate this afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa are coming today, as well as some sweet friends from church. Last night, some other wonderful friends came and took me out to dinner in Ann Arbor. The nurse made me go. :) It was nice to get out and breathe some fresh air. We are so blessed to have family and friends helping, praying, and emailing. You are such a blessing to us!!


Kim K. said...

I'm glad you went out to dinner last night with chance was it Kathy that pushed you to go? She was the nurse in PICU that took extra special care of Chris and I and forced us to eat out and even made us reservations one night. Take care of yourself. You are totally correct. Once you are in the cardiology unit, life is completely different. Same great staff, but the expectations are different. Please know that you ALL continue to be in our prayers. Lots of love!!

Kimberly said...

How wonderful that you were able to climb in to bed with her and that she may be able to eat some real food and even throw a little tantrum - that has to be great to see that there is a level of energy to do some of that! Wow! Also glad you had a good night's sleep!