Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Katie-Bug's Last Night in the Hospital

Feeding her babies

Thank you all so much for the great suggestions for different thrush treatments and ways to improve the calorie count of tomato soup! I promise to try them out when we get home.

The nurse spent some time with me tonight showing me how to change her dressings and educating me on all her medicines. She will still be on the six meds she is currently taking. Good thing I have always wanted to be a nurse! She also explained how careful we need to be with her for awhile. I think it all sounds manageable.

"Goodnight, Mama."'s our last night at the hospital. This might sound weird but there is a little part of me that is sad that this special time with Kate is over. Yes, it was stressful, painful, tiring, but there were some very precious moments as well. The most vivid in my mind was the day she was finally 'with it' enough to know she was sick and that I was taking care of her. The love in her eyes and the way she reached for me was a gift that I will never forget. I will also treasure the nights she fell asleep holding my hand, like she is doing right this minute. Yes, it means typing with one hand, but I love the feel of her little hand in mine.

My heart is full of gratitude that God has allowed me to be her Mama.

"Goodnight, my precious girl."



vickih65 said...

Great news Karin. Thanks so much for posting such wonderful updates and sharing this time with us. Katie looks great and wow what a smile. I can only imagine how good it will feel to get home and be with your family again.

Lynsay said...

Can you hear us screaming from Ch*na???? We are! Yippee!!!!!!! Oh Kate I'm so glad you are going home with Mommy and Daddy and I know your Father in Heaven has so many special things for you in the future!!

I'm still irritated they haven't given you anything other than Nystatin though....if it was going to work it would have worked by would really push them hard or just DIY (aka the mommy way!)

Praising Jesus!!! PS, you can stay with us next time you come, no one snores here!

Meredith said...

What a precious picture and moment you had with her! We are all amazed and thankful with the speedy recovery! Praise the Lord that she is able to go home and be with her family and you too!!
We'll continue to pray that the transition from hospital to home goes well and you and Jeff will be strengthen to take care of Kate and the other kids.
What an amazing story she has to tell!

Much love,

Keith and Kelly said...

Yay! God has sure been answering prayers. I love the pic of you two holding hands.

mncfi said...

It is just lovely to see that adorable smile! What a trusting little sweetheart she is. We are so thankful with you that you are going home.

Teach said...

YAY God! Very excited that Katie gets to go home!! Will continue praying for you and your family

PFK in Canada

Angie said...

Congratulations! I hope your last night went well. Just more "snorer dudes!" We will continue to pray for Kate...for a smooth recovery at home, and for her to eat more.

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
Well, you made it through! I will be praying for you as you re-enter "real life" with all of its daily demands. One really nice thing about the hospital is that you can at least focus on the sick one. i remember being a bit nervous to leave with my Kate because it meant having more on my plate.God will be faithful to supply your need at home as He did while you were away. Won't it be nice to be in your own bed tonight?You will both be getting so much more sleep which will speed Kate's full recovery even more. thank you for letting all of us journey with you and Kate and for opening up to soome complete strangers and allowing us to watch God minister to His own. Your attitude and faithfulness have been inspiring:)

Kim K. said...

I'm so excited that Katie gets to go home!! We will continue praying for you and your family. I hope you continue to use your blog for updates. Someday, I'd love to finally meet your sweet family. Us Michigan SN Heart Mommies need to get together.

All my best!!!

Lori said...

Yay!! That is super news and I'm sure being home will help her to thrive even more.

Keep us updated!

sara said...

yea!!! I am so happy you get to go home!!! And I know your family will be glad to have you and Kate back!

sierrasmom said...

That last picture brought tears to my eyes. But Katie looks so much better!!!! Welcome Home!!

Cindy said...

Awesome news! I know your family can't wait to have you and Kate home again!

Kimberly said...

Yeah!!! How nice to be coming home! That is just wonderful and she looks SO great, so bright, so darn cute! Love the photo of you holding hands!