Sunday, April 19, 2009

8:40PM Update - Sunday

Kate had a uneventful medical day today--thankfully. They stopped the morphine this morning and the last of her blood pressure medicine. They did have to give her some morphine and versed this afternoon, though because she was in pain. The morphine is making her constipated, which is causing much distress, so they have added something to her IV for that. Hopefully, something will pass tomorrow and she will feel better. She was crying this afternoon and moaning, "poo-poo." Poor baby!

I held her for a good part of the day. The nurse let me climb into the bed and put her head and shoulders on my lap. She LOVED it. It was the only way she would stop fussing. When it was time for dinner, my mom was there and told me to go downstairs and eat but Kate wanted me to stay. She reached her little arms up and when I bent down, she hugged me and didn't want to let go. Be still my heart!! She had just been given the morphine, so she fell asleep and then I was able to sneak out.

She had lots of visitors today after church! She was so tired, though, that she slept right through all of them. That ended up being a blessing because when she was awake today she was pretty uncomfortable and crying. Jillian and Chloe decorated her room with signs that all four of the girls had made--plus a few from Jillian's friends. Now Kate has a lot of colorful things to look at when she's awake.

Grandma loves on Kate for awhile

She continues to improve a bit each day, so thank you all for your prayers. They are working!

Oh..she's awake...gotta go! :)


Joyful Mom said...

Oh that is wonderful news that Kate is getting better and better. Praise the Lord. So glad to hear that you are hanging in there too. I know it can all become quite tiring.

Poor hubby, I feel for him. It must be tough on him. Soon you and Kate will be home and this will all be behind you. Soon, friend.

Kim K. said...

I'm praying tomorrow is another uneventful medical day. Sleep well.

quilt'n mama said...

Glad to hear that you had a great day and that you got to hold and love on Kate so much. I remember so clearly the first 11 days of our son's life when we could not hold him at all.... what precious memories of those snuggles that finally came! I'm so glad that you are getting those snuggles now!

redmaryjanes said...

I just found your blog through Kim K. I will be praying for your daughter. Our daughter is waiting for us in China and just had heart surgery a couple of weeks ago.

Mom Of Many said...

Continuing to pray...sweet baby girl - can't wait to see you running around! xo