Thursday, April 02, 2009

Great News for SaraGrace!

We were given great news about SaraGrace today! The condition of her heart valve and conduit is unchanged from last year, so she will not need surgery this year. Hooray!

Taylor was home babysitting the kids. They seemed to be in the mood for some body art and took some poetic liberties while Taylor was 'otherwise occupied' in the bathroom. Since he knows my penchant for photographing everything they do, he took these pictures for me. The kids all look bummed to have been busted by big brother.

"I'm soooo sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

"What? I didn't do it! I have no idea why everyone is mad!"

"Who me? I don't know what you're talking about!"

"I'm so miserable to know that I've let you down."

I would have guessed the culprit to be Jake, but was Zoey!! For the life of me, I can't figure out why Jordan let Zoey color his face with a marker?!?!


Joyful Mom said...

Oh my goodness---NEVER a dull moment in your house, hey? Too funny!

Great news about the surgery :)

Lynsay said...

Your kids always have me cracking up! Nice job instilling picture taking skills in your kids! Poor Kate, she always looks so miserable when she is in trouble!! Don't ask me why I'm commenting when I have no time....but they are just too cute to not say something!! LOVE AND HUGS!! Thanks for the email, will write back when I have 10 seconds!

James, Dawn and Family said...

This just cracks me up! The other day Lize came up with yellow highlighter all over her face. All she kept saying was "Sosi dud it". All Sofi could say was "you didn't see me dude it".

Gretchen said...

What little rascals you have!

Great news about Sara Grace. Now we will watch God do a miracle with Kate, my friend!

Mom Of Many said...

Great news about SaraGrace not needing surgery - Yippee Jesus!

And the pictures - too, too cute! I was laughing with each one...and I notice one is more/less eye shadow - great job!!

Liberty one time colored her entire face (no exaggeration) in green marker. She did not miss a spot. It was hysterical. I just wish I had had a camera at the time...but it is definitely forever etched in my mind.

Tell Taylor great job at getting it all photographed too!! xo