Friday, April 24, 2009

4:45 PM Update - Fri.

Kate has plateaued today but she had a good day! Her chest tube needs to stay in because she had a 34cc sudden fluid dump around noon. They will check again tomorrow and she maybe be able to get it out.

She has had to leave her oxygen in her nose all day today, but thankfully has been pretty patient with it. She is such a brave little trooper!!

They are coming soon to check her wound vac--not sure if she will be able to get that out or not.

She is TALKING today!!! And belly laughing!!! is sooooo good to hear her little voice again. All the nurses were so excited to see how well she is doing.

So we are doing great and just hanging out...just playing with toys. Kate has had some visitors to play with today. She is dropping things on the floor purposely so we have to pick them up--and then belly laughs and says, "!" she's really sorry. NOT.

For some reason, the rest of my pictures won't load, so I will try again later.

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