Monday, April 20, 2009

Personal stuff from Karin :)

I have been reading your comments and rather than respond to them in the comments section, I thought I would post. :)

Sandi...I had no idea you had taken this amazing picture of Kate when she first arrived at Hope. That picture has been cemented in my mind ever since I saw it on the LWB blog probably two years ago. I had no idea that someday I would be her Mommy. I have always wondered who took that photo!

Someone asked for specific prayer requests. Thank you! :) I am totally humbled that you would want to pray so earnestly for our family.
For Kate: pain control, chest tube drainage would stop, regain her strength and be able to eat
For Jeff, our other kids, his mom and sister at home: strength, kids will not miss Mommy too much, and that the household can be peaceful and run smoothly. Jeff has to travel for work next week, so that will be a challenge
For me: strength, sleep, that I will not get the sinus infection that I seem to be working toward (urgh) and that you would all keep writing to me because it helps to keep me sane! ;-) Also that I could be an encouragement to other families who are up here.

Kate will not remember today's dreadful procedure because they gave her a medicine that makes her forget everything. I asked them if they could give me some as well, but no luck there. :)

Yes, she had a fontan surgery. Normally, this surgery is done in three stages. To borrow a phrase from "A Christmas Story," "In an apparent breach of etiquette, Kate skipped the second stage surgery and went straight for the coup de gras of heart surgeries...the fontan." No triple dog dares or anything, though. We aren't sure why she skipped the second one, but are glad she was able to do so.

I can sit with my laptop next to her bed, so feel free to write me. It's not bothering me--in fact it helps me to know that I'm not alone up here.


Kim K. said...

I'm hopeful that tonight brings much needed rest and an easier Tuesday. Goodness. You've both been through quite a bit. It will all be a distant memory and I can't wait for you to be blogging about this 1 year from now (like we did). Prayers and extra hugs!!

destinyshouse said...

I'm a mother of 5 adopted special needs kids (including a heart baby and one from China) and our family is praying for yours. ((Hugs))

The Gore family: Dan, Beth
Jacob10, Kaley9, Sam7, Luke5, Zoe3

Leslie said...

Continuing to pray for your sweetie and the rest for your family. Praying specifically including a good "poo". :)

Mom Of Many said...

Thank you for sharing specifics to pray for. I continue to pray over here...and as far as the pic from Hope...she is precious.

I keep forgetting to tell you...I showed Isaiah her picture and he didn't seem to recognize her (I will have to show him the baby one you posted tonight)...anyway, he was looking at your blog and (on his own) spotted YOUR picture and said, "Oh! I know her!" He was so confident and it was so much out of the blue, since I had just been asking if he remembered Kate...and he saw YOU! How cool is that??

Cheryl said...

Though I've never met you, Kate, nor your family, I am praying for you today. That by his grace, you would be healed quickly and completely, and during the process, that God would remove the pain. I'm praying that your mommy would be a bright light, reflecting the glory of God to all whom she comes into contact with, both in person and through her blog. I'm praying for the rest of your family, that they would draw closer to each other and to the Lord, leaning on the Truth of His Word for strength to overcome.

God bless and keep you,

Cheryl (Friend of Angie M.)

Kala said...

Hi Karin -
Found your blog from "Stinky Tofu" and wanted to let you know I am praying for your family...
Hugs from a sister in Christ :)

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
Hope you both got some sleep last night. i was thinking about Kate not wanting to eat. When our Kate was going through her surgery, i brought her favorite foods from home...foods i knew she loved. her favorites were the YO-Baby drinkable yogurts and they have lots of fat in them (which your Kate probably needs).Even Dum Dum lollypops were good. No real nutritional value except sugar but still calories and they do make suger-free ones. Might perk Kate up anyway.
Are you getting supositories for her? They gave our Kate a few of them over her stay. Will she drink any of the high fiber drinks that are out there? Baby food companies make apple/prune juices that might start the ball rolling.Our Kate really suffered in this department because her surgery was in that general area and when she even theought of pooping the pain was very intense. It wasn't much fun. But i would really look into the stool softeners that the hospital can give children. And once she goes , they might be able to give her more pain meds. Worth asking.
Praying for your requests. We are just doing school and keeping tabs on Kate. Praying that You will really feel God's presence today. You have been a faithful servant with "the least of these". Your attitude is inspiring to me.