Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I just realized that it was Thursday and time to do a 'thankful' post.

I am sooo thankful for Kate's progress so far and for how God has sustained all of us. There are some families here with far worse circumstances than ours. Some of them are here with newborns and the mom's are still only a few days post-delivery. The baby in the next bed was brought in today and his mommy is still in the hospital in a different city. They air-lifted the father and baby here last night. One young couple has been here so long that they slept in their car the other night because it gets so expensive to stay here for very long.

I am so thankful that we knew ahead of time that Kate would need surgery and that we were able to mentally prepare ourselves. We have wonderful family and friends stepping in to help. We have all of you reading this who are praying for us. We have a beautiful daughter who will be healthier when all of this is over.

We are very, very blessed.


Jill Johnson said...

I just saw on the Hope loop that Kate had her surgery and have caught up on your blog. Sorry to be behind, but will be praying for Kate's continued progress and for your family to all be together under the same roof again soon.

Jill (& Mallory)
Nashville, TN

Kim K. said...

I hope you both sleep well this evening. It's been another big day. I'm hoping to read about Kate's continued progress on your blog tomorrow. Hugs and prayers.

Kathy said...

I have "known" your family for years as my good friend Sara Wang has told me so many wonderful things about you and your lovely kids. Please accept my best wishes that little Kate will be well soon and health and happiness will stay with your family! You are a great mom! - Katherine Qu from Beijing

Joyful Mom said...

How wonderful to read all the progress! Yayeee---God is so amazing.

Trusting you get a good nights sleep, dear friend. You need your rest. So thankful the rest of your family is coping so well. Before you know it, you will be home with your sweet Kate!

Lisa and Todd said...

Although we can not be there we are thinking and praying for you often!! God is Good! We Praise Him for your strength and Kate's healing! We love you!! Take Care!!

The Prieskorn Way said...

Heading to bed in AZ, just checked in again and was pleased to read things are looking better and to see the latest photos of the family visiting. May God sustain you all. Get your rest and get over that COLD!! Love, Nancy

Kimberlie said...

I am thankful that Katie has you and Jeff! I shudder to think what might have been. She has a wonderful Mama and Baba, 9 wonderful siblings to love her, and a loving Father to watch over her and to hold her close.

I am thankful that Katie's blood pressure is up and her fluid production is decreasing. Yeah! Still sending lots of prayers your way. Sleep well sweet friend!

Mom Of Many said...

Stopped for the night in Alamosa Colorado. Heading the rest of the way home tomorrow. First blog to check?? Yours before I head to bed. Praising the Lord that her BP is staying up. Continuing to pray...Love from Colorado! xo

Jaime said...

praying for you. and that poor couple sleeping in their car. is there a ronald mcdonald house near that hospital? i think they usually cost about $10/night, if not free. i would be willing to pay for a couple nights at RMH for them so they could get some decent sleep.
so many prayers for so many people.
god bless.