Monday, April 13, 2009

First Update

Having fun last night with the backpack from her care package

They have taken Kate for surgery and we are waiting in the PICU waiting area. Dr. Bove, her surgeon, met with us this morning and I am so impressed with him. He is quite famous and is considered one of the best in the world, but he was totally down to earth. He told us that he is not 'married to either procedure,' meaning the single ventricle repair or the full repair. He said he can't be sure until he opens her chest, which would be the best route to go. He explained all the reasons, which I won't go into here. He again told us of the risks...that she could die, have brain or kidney damage, etc.

Kate was doing very well, although subdued and not her smiley self. Then the anesthesiologist came in, wearing her surgical clothes and Kate freaked out. It took quite awhile to get her calmed down but they let me give her a syringe of Versed and it made her a bit loopy.

We had a lot of snuggle time this morning because she was so tired from being awakened early, and I relished the chance to hold her. I did start to lose it toward the end, when I knew they would be coming for her. They came in a little red wagon, and I put her in, kissed her and off they went. I just want them to bring her back.

Thank you for praying...the surgery should be getting underway soon. They said it would take an hour for them to get her lines put in, and it has been about that long now. I will continue to post when we get updates from the nurse.


Joyful Mom said...

What a sweet idea with the wagon :)

PRAYING, for Kate, and for you!

Amanda said...

We have you and your family in our prayers. Jessica and I are watching your blog for updates. God bless you and keep strong.

Amanda, Jeff and Kids

Lori said...

Please know that I will be praying for your sweet Kate throughout my day today. God is good and faithful always.

Update as you can!