Thursday, April 23, 2009

10:30AM update - Thur

Lot's of news~ but I'm typing with one hand and holding my cord wires with the other to get juice to my battery. Bear with me..Kate's new chest tube came out this AM. Her nurse said that she normally never looks at x-ray's but today she did. Yay,God!!!! She noticed that Kate's early AM x-ray showed that her chest tube had fallen out. They will try to let her go without it and see how she does. PLEASE PRAY!!!!


Kim K. said...

Prayers coming your way!!! I hope that new power cord comes soon!!

Angie said...


trustandobey said...

Hey, thought your new power cord was on its way last week. Can it be fixed with duck tape? The hospital probably has that around.

Cindy said...


Try a chip clip on your computer wires, mine lasted a long time that way! (actually it was a clip from a floral/balloon bouquet that was really strong) that we used on chip bags.