Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Day of the Four Unhappinesses

Giving and getting some love from her panda bear

This post would be written by Kate if she was well enough to do so.

"Today, I had four yucky things happen, but I am trying to be brave. The first thing was that around 4AM, the surgeon had to put four more stitches in my chest because it was leaking fluid, and my Mommy wasn't even here. (She didn't even know about it until the afternoon.) A little while after my Mommy got here this morning, my incision was still leaking. The doctor had to do some yucky thing where she opened up my incision and stuck a little sponge and a vaccuum in it.

Then, I had blood coming out of my wrist, so they stuck more needles in me to stitch my IV down to my hand.

Then, it was time to replace the yucky tube in my nose and they pushed a new one down into my stomach when I was awake. For awhile I had both tubes in my nose.

I guess I had some liver issues today because my eyes turned yellow. I'm not kidding. I was like Scott Farkus in the Christmas story...yellow eyes! Ewww... (Would that make my mom my little toady?)

Mommy and my night nurse gave me a bath, which I hated, but now I must admit that my hair is clean and I feel better. Mommy hugged me for awhile and I slept on her until her back started creaking. She says she is getting kinda old but I love her anyway.

Thank you very, very much for praying for me! My Mommy said that there are people all over the US, and some from Canada, Australia, the UK, China and Japan who are praying for me. She wrote down all the places for me. I am blessed because some other kids in the world don't have a Mommy and a Daddy to sit with them when they have surgery. Even though I don't feel very good, my Mommy says that I will heal and that the surgery is a good thing. She said that some kids never get a chance to have this kind of surgery. I know there are people praying for the orphans though, 'cause I know we pray for them at our house. I bet you do, too."

"PS: Please keep praying for baby Mason. He is still very sick and needs a lot of prayers."


quilt'n mama said...

Dear Kate,
You are a very brave little girl! We would be so scared! We pray for all the little kids in the world at don't have mommys and daddys at our house too... We are glad that God is their Daddy.

We are so glad that you are feeling well enough to tell us your side of today. We are sorry that you had to get stitches again today-ick! We hope you keep feeling better and something happens that makes you smile. We like you picture with the panda bear... we each have a panda at our house too! We are praying for you...

Lenna, Abigayl, Eli & Nate (our mommy & daddy are praying for you too!

Kim K. said...

What a day for Katie. I hope tomorrow is an easier one with no additional procedures or pokes. I pray that tonight is a good night filled with precious undisturbed sleep. Rest well, Karin and Katie. Prayers continue to come from the Kenward household.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Miss Kate,
Keep at healing. You are such a trooper. You'll soon be outside playing.Hopefully you won't remember alot of this yucky stuff. Tell your mommy to get rest and take care of herself. We will keep praying.

Shanna said...

Sweet Angel Kate~
We have been praying for you for several days now. I know that our Heavenly Father is carring you each and every moment through out the day. He knew about this before the foundations of the earth and will lift you and comfort you.
You are so strong and so brave. Surely you will impact the world in your greatness through Him!!! God has something very special planned for you dear one.
We have also prayed for peace that passes all understanding for you loving family.
Love and hugs from the Browns,

Lori said...

Sweet Kate~
Most grown ups wouldn't handle what your going through near as bravely as you are. Just hearing of all the things they are doing to you makes me cry. But I'm so very thankful that you are in good hands.

Jesus has never left your side and is guiding the doctor's hand with each procedure. He loves you more than you will ever know.

I will continue to pray for you so keep fighting are strong and once this is all over with and you are running and playing, you will be so happy and giggly once again!!

Big Blessings to YOU, sweet girl!

Angie said...

Dear Kate,
You are such a strong, brave girl. God loves you so much and I have faith that he will heal you, and that He has huge, great plans for your life. I love your little panda...we have one at our house, too! And, yes, we pray for the orphans around the world, too. Praying for you, sweetie.

connie said...

Oh precious Kate, we are so grateful for Jesus' healing! We pray for you every day, and my five year old asks about you at bedtime. You keep getting stronger, little one.
Love from OK~

Meredith said...

Wow Karin, I didn't know that all that happened! She's such a trooper!
Sorry I didn't get to write yesterday, I was hardly home but still praying. Jackson is set on praying for Kate now, he saw her picture and it all clicked, "mommy, I'll pray for Kate!!!"
Hope the ear plugs worked! I laughed at the picture you posted!
Love you, Meredith