Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5:40PM Update - Wed.

The doctors just came by on their rounds (it's a teaching hospital, so we usually get 4 or 5 of them in the evening). I listened to the doctor describing her case. He said she had a rough night last night. I didn't know that--the nurse probably wanted to spare me.

She has had some 'desats' today (meaning her oxygen level dips way too low), so there is some concern about that. She is still not getting good blood pressure so it seems to be an ongoing issue for her. She also dumps fluid "like a fire hose," according to the doctor. When they were able to get the tube to drain all the fluid that had pocketed in her chest, it was 255cc's! No wonder she was struggling! They just took another chest x-ray and that chest fluid is gone. Thank you, Jesus!

They are soooo great here. They watch her so carefully and nip problems in the bud. I know it probably sounds like she is in horrible shape from all these updates, but she is doing reasonably well. This is my way of keeping a hospital journal for her, so that is why I am giving the medical information. I'm kind of a geek that way. :)

For those of you who have asked how we are holding up, we are doing well. Jeff is probably more stressed than me because he is running back and forth from the house to the hospital. Jeff's mom and sister arrived this afternoon, so once they are settled, it should help Jeff a lot. We are soooo thankful for them!! The kids seem to be holding up well, although SaraGrace (aka Mommy's shadow) was missing Mommy so she came to the hospital with Jeff today. She got a bit frightened when Kate started crying, so didn't stay long in PICU--despite her insistance on knowing what EVERY tube was for! She just couldn't stand to see her little sister in pain. We took her down to the cafeteria for lunch, so she got her "Mama fix." I have been able to get a decent's nights sleep in spite of the snorer dude in the next room whose snoring can be heard above the loudness of my sound machine! Good grief! I'm glad I'm not his wife!! We are so thankful for your prayers! God is sustaining us.


Angie said...

Praying that you ALL get a good night's rest...even the snoring man. :)

Kim K. said...

I've been watching your blog all day. The staff at Mott's is the best. We're almost to our 1 year anniversary of Josie's open-heart surgery. Please know that your sweet little girl remains in our prayers.

Tracy said...

Im sorry Im sure its not funny to you, but im laughing hysterically about the snoring neighbor. My husband happens to be a snorer on occasion and it aint pretty. So im hearin you on that one. Still keeping everyone of you in my prayers.

Wife of the Pres. said...

Karin, You sound GREAT. And I understand the need to update! And with open heart, every small step is a milestone as you know. I'm celebrating with you that once she dumped the fluid, the XRAY was clear. Thank You Jesus!!!

Thank your for your prayers for our sweet S. I am humbled. I noticed just now our blog on your blog roll. Thank you for continuing to remember us.

We will continue to pray for complete healing.

Nicole A. said...

Praying for you all, and for your sweet girl to heal and get better, and to show some signs of that soon!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

mncfi said...

Poor sweet Kate - all those tubes for one little baby! I'm so glad that overall she is still progressing well. We will keep holding her in our prayers. And Karin, you can still make me laugh. I bet Jeff is pretty glad you are not married to the snoring guy either!!
Love Fi

quilt'n mama said...

We'll be praying for a good night tonight! I'm glad the fluid has resolved some in her chest- that was a LOT of fluid! Wow!
I'm so thankful for the wonderful Father we have in our Lord who is watching over sweet Kate in these hours!

Jaime said...

(i came over here form linny's blog).
I am praying for you and our sweet, God loving family. i just read through a bunch of your posts and tears fell down my cheeks, not only because of the surgery and complication of your little girl, but because of your faith in God. I'm sure it must be one of the most difficult things to go through, but you know that God will carry you all through this.

Kate - honey, i am amazed by your will and strength. keep fighting little girl and call on God and his strength and love for you.

~Jaime, New Baden, IL

bytheriver said...

Will be praying for your girl - she looks like mine as she is sleeping today. Her color sure has improved! Praying she is out of the woods and on the way to a full recovery and an active life as soon as possible!

Chris said...

Still praying here. My 3 y.o. was trying to figure out why all those machines would be stacked up like that and why all the tubes. Can't imagine how a big sis would feel.

Get some ear plugs to block the snoring

jzh said...

Dennis and me have been checking your blog every day this week, eager to see Kate's updates. Little Kate will be in our prayers.

Sarah, Cleveland, OH

bytheriver said...

In Central California