Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So cool! :)))

Kate's nurse today is one she had last week. She just told me that she cannot BELIEVE the change in her. She said, "Last week I couldn't keep up with the fluid replacement. She was dumping it so fast and was so sick. I thought she was going to be here for a LONG time. I can't believe how much better she looks!"

Yay, God!! :)

I told her that lots of people are praying for Kate and I'm sure that is why her chest tube output has slowed so dramatically.


Kim K. said...

Those are indeed very encouraging words. Very encouraging!! By chance have you had Kathy as a nurse in PICU? She's a riot. She took good care of us. She had dark bobbed style haircut. She's very trim. If you see her, you'll have to tell her how well Josie is doing. Feel free to show off our blog. She'd recognize those picturs of Josie in PICU.

Continued prayers coming from West Michigan!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

OH YEAH!!!! She is moving along!!!! I am telling you, these heart babies from CHINA are TOUGH STUFF!!! And you know Karin, the look is painful for you, but please remember that fighting spirit she has GOD GAVE HER b/c He KNEW what lay ahead for her early days in this world. I still see it in S's eyes (sometimes directed right at me! sniff, sniff), but every time I see the look I thank God for giving S and all the other heart babies in the world who are orphaned that WILL TO FIGHT!!! For without it, they most assuredly would not be OURS!!! Still it is so hard to be the recipient of it. She will forgive you, maybe not today but she will. God will heal her hurts, all of them. He is the healing balm.

OK, can they not give her something else for the pain? I know it is hard to find the balance but it breaks my heart to think she might be in pain constantly. :((( S did not respond well to morphine either and the other stuff made her violently ill (versed I think it is called). I found though that even regular Children's tylenol and motrin given alternately helps S tremendously, but I have to really push the doctors to prescribe this. It really seems to take the edge off. I do not know why, but it seems hospitals are hesitant to just use the plain 'ole regular stuff. At one point, I told the dr. I was going to bring it from home and give it myself if they would not "prescribe" it. It got his attention and within the hour, the nurse showed up with it in a cup and S drank it right down. And sure enough, it took the edge off and a little of her usual happy self came out for awhile. You might ask but that is my unsolicited two cents. :)) Feel totally free to take it or leave it! :)))

Oh and the fluid news is so HUGE. When S's started slowing, it stopped almost all at once within a day! Here's praying for the same for Miss Kate. Hugs and Prayers!!! Thanks for your email. I'm going to write back. Need to think it though. ;)

Tammy said...

Praise the Lord for the good report!!!! We'll continue to pray for Kate. :)

Karin said...

Kim...no I don't think we have had Kathy. :( We have had some wonderful nurses, though!

Karin said...

L--thank you for the tip on the pain meds. :) They are giving her some pain meds and I am making sure they don't let up on that. It's just that the tubes still hurt, even with the meds. :(