Saturday, April 18, 2009

3:15 PM update - Sat.

Poor Katie-bug has had a rough day. This morning, shortly after the wound vac procedure, her wrist IV started leaking blood. They use this IV only for drawing blood--which is done about every 4 hours. It keeps them from having to poke her with a needle each time.

They attempted to fix it with steri-stitches and gave her some blood platelets in her IV--hoping that would thicken her blood a bit and stop the seepage.

Jeff and the girls came. Molly and SaraGrace stayed outside in the courtyard with me and played in the sunshine. It's a beautiful day here. Jeff said when he got up to Kate's room, she was awake and reached her arms up to him. He bent in to hug her and she hugged him back! Luck-eeeeee.

While they were gone, my cell phone rang and it was the nurse asking me to come right away. Her IV had continued to seep and they needed to put a stitch in her wrist to help it stay in. They wanted me to come and help. Jeff had just left the room and was on his way down. As soon as he got back, I dashed upstairs. Poor Kate had to get poked and stitched on the inside of her wrist. Ugh... She is such a little trooper. She cried, but she listened when we told her what the doctor was doing and that it wouldn't take long. It seems to be holding without seeping now.

I was able to lie down on the bed with her for awhile. She keeps asking for a bottle and it's breaking my heart because she can't have one.


Kim K. said...

Poor Katie. She certainly has had enough pokes to last a lifetime. Prayers continuing from the Kenward household.

Gretchen said...

Poor Baby! She just wants to go home and be with her family, I'm sure. She is getting better though and that is excellent news. It just amazes me what these poor little ones have to endure and they keep chugging right along. I know I would not handle things so well if it were me.

Pam said...

Praying that God will surround you with His healing spirit, and that He will continue giving wisdom to the medical team. I also pray that those that are attending your family "back home" will be given energy, patience, and rest. May YOU feel His presence and His peace.

God bless you all.

shell said...

I can only imagine how hard this is on your whole family. It is heartbreaking, I am sure, to not be able to make Kate's pain, etc. go away. I am still prayin' for you all......and Mason, too! Does he have a CB website?

Anonymous said...

Many prayers for your daughter's healing and her heart. Also prayers for the rest of your family during this time. (We are a family in Texas sending LOI for a little one who needs the fontan surgery as well.)

Karin said...

Mason's extended family just set up a website for him, so I'll try to get the web address. Thanks for asking!!

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
I know how hard this is. Reding about your Kate, i am reliving it with my Kate. It was so tough to me that i didn't blog it. Couldn't blog it. My heart just wasn't up to it. I remember they ran out of veins on my Kate. All kept shutting down. I remember that she didn't eat the whole dy of surgery ,couldn't before and wouldn't after, but when we returned the next day(she spent the night in PICU)still no one had fed her anything and when i got there she was starving!!! I felt so bad because i thought how much of her discomfort was just hunger??? It made me crazy to think about it and i was mad with PICU. Sounds like you are in better hands. I waned to let you know that i am sure my Kate remembers nothing about the whole experience. I am still traumatized by the whole thing but she is good to go. Your Kate will be too. A distant memory ...a bad dream...nothing more.Praise God for the ability to forget. Still praying for you all. How is your cold?
Lisa in NC

Kimberly said...

Oh the poor little dear! I am glad that she is getting better and really hope that tomorrow is an easier day for her. Was she happy to see her sisters? Sounds like dad was good medicine!