Monday, April 13, 2009

Memorial Box Monday

Hopefully I am still coherant enough to type this story. ha.

My mom is in nursing school. I think that it pretty cool that she has decided to do that 'at her age.' :) School is very intense and she can't miss a day or she will get behind and not be able to catch up. She was very bummed that she couldn't be at Kate's surgery today because she had to be in class all day.

Shortly after my dad and sister arrived, he got a call. My mom's instructor didn't show up. This instructor has NEVER missed a day and runs a tight ship. Some of the other girls in the class tease my mom about being a Christian, but they knew she was missing Kate's surgery today. When the word came that there would be no class, my mom said, 'Oh! Now I can go to the hospital for Kate's surgery!" One of the girls who teases my mom said, "Wow! That was God!"

So my mom was able to be here today, for which I was happy (because we all just want our Mama's at a time like this).

L-R, my sister, Jeff, my dad, my SIL Meredith, and my mom

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Stacey said...

I just discovered your blog this past week when you left a comment on my blog. I've fallen in love with your blog and with your family. Your family and your daughter in particular are in our prayers.