Monday, April 20, 2009

8:45 AM Update - Monday

Last night, Kate's nurse was telling me about chest tubes. Sometimes kids need an extra one, or need one replaced. She said it is the only procedure in all of her years of nursing, that she can't stand to watch because it's 'violent.' They make an incision and have to put the tube between the ribs, cut through muscle and tissue, get tongs inside and stretch the incision open. We both shuddered and were glad that Kate had not needed a new one.

Until this morning.

Last night, one of her chest tubes came out too far and started taking in air. She now has a large air pocket in her left chest cavity. Yesterday she was moaning and pointing to her left chest--up near her shoulder. I told the nurse, but she seemed to think it was just pain from the chest tube itself. Now I think it was the air in her chest.

Poor baby. At noon, she will get the new chest tube. There had been hope that she would leave PICU today, but that has been put off until at least tomorrow.

Getting another chest x-ray to check on the air in her chest cavity

Overall, though, they are very encouraged by how well she is doing. Her chest tube fluid drainage has slowed a lot!! I know some of you are praying for that!! :) She is such a little trooper and lets them do whatever they need to do to her. She kinda falls apart a bit once she sees me, but I think it's just fine for her to complain to her Mama. If you can't complain to Mama, who CAN you complain to?! She doesn't do much except moan or fuss--no energy to have a full blown meltdown.


connie said...

Poor baby. We are praying that this procedure goes smoothly, despite the violent, invasive nature. And we are praying for you too, Mommy. May Jesus wrap His arms around you.
Every morning I give my 5 year old, Kayden, an update on Kate. Yesterday I told her that Kate is doing well because so many people are praying for her, to which she replied, "AND God is with her!"
Love and Hugs~

Meredith said...

Karin, My church prayed for you during both services and so many people know and are praying for your whole family! Many people are now linking to your blog and being updated. HIS church is praying for little Kate!!
We will be praying for both of you at noon for the procedure.
Love you, Meredith

Lori said...

Oh my heart is aching over Kate having to get a new chest tube.

I'm going to hit my knees right now to pray with fervor for her.

Lori said...

Hi Karin...
Thanks so much for the sweet comment(s) on my blog! Weird though...I saw all 3 that you sent and tried to publish one but it didn't show up. ???

Anyway, thank you!

Gretchen said...

What a beautiful girl, even when she is miserable. We will be praying around noon today!

Jill and Rick said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your precious girl will have to get the new chest tube. I will be praying for her.

Cindy said...

Our prayers will be with little Kate as she needs another procedure. Hugs to Mom too.
Glad to hear she reaches out to mama!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Karin, Bless her heart. She looks sad in the picture but she is still cute as ever!!! Glad you got some rest!!!

Yeah, I heard the same thing about the chest tubes. One nurse told me their older patients (e.g. teens) tell her it is the most painful thing they've ever been through. They just hurt badly.

I hope she gets those out soon. Once she does, you'll be practically home!!! You know, the hospital thing is not too bad. I will say our last visit went much smoother since S had bonded to me and understood English!!! that helped a lot. We have round 3 on June 25.

Pray for us for an unspoken if you don't mind. We have lots to pray through. I really, really want to ask you something too but I don't want to bother. Will you email me if it is OK to bother? Kim K. has my email as I don't want to post it here. If you don't mind me bothering, just ask her to pass it on. If it is a bother, I'll ask later! :) Hope that makes sense. It *relates* to something you shared in that LWB newsletter on page 3. ;) L

The Prieskorn Way said...

We are praying for Kate and sharing her story with others, lots of pray out there!! We will be thinking of you both today as you go through this next procedure.
Take care of yourself too Karin, you are going to wear yourself out.
I know your family misses you, I hope someone can take your place soon so you can go home for at least a few hours. Love, Nancy and family

Deanna said...

Keep fighting little Kate!
Thoughts are with you all the way from Maine!

Kim K. said...

Poor Kate. I am praying that this procedure goes smoothly, despite the pain. Extra hugs to you both!!

Tracy said...

Bless her little heart. She just looks so darn cute with her little bows. Just wanted to tell you that my family is still and will continue to pray for your little Kate, and that God will provide peace and comfort to her mommy and daddy.

Cari Bacon said...

Kate's picture is just precious! Love her little pig tails!! I'm so happy to here that her fluid drainage has slowed down. I've been praying for that. Sorry to hear about the additional chest tube needed. Yuck!!

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
It is heartwarming to see Kate's eyes open in the photos now. She is a beautiful girl! I am so sorry to hear about the chest tube. I am just now finding out but i will pray that the procedure works and she will not need to go through it again and that her recovery from the procedure will be swift.
Hope and trust that the rest of your day is uneventful. You are already a week past the surgery--Yeah!!!
Will continue to pray for everyone's stamina and peace.
Lisa in NC