Saturday, April 25, 2009

When you guys pray.....

....God moves!

Kate's nurse took the oxygen out of her nose just to see how Kate would do. So far today, she has stayed in the 90's!!!! She cannot go below 85 and yesterday she could not seem to get above that without the help of oxygen.

After crying and not wanting to walk yesterday, she motioned that she wanted to slide down on the floor and stand up today! I got her down and let her stand by the bed. She took a few steps for me and then she stood for almost half an hour! She was exhausted after that and has been sleeping ever since.

The oxygen and the walking are huge improvements! Thank you for praying for her!

Her chest tube output today has been only 20cc's (but they will be counting until midnight, so she has a ways to go).

I found out today that after her tubes come out, she will still have to stay a few more days so they can monitor her. So, coming Sunday is not happening. If she can get the tube out tomorrow, then she *might* get to go home on Wed. I'm not complaining because it's a lot better news than seven-ten weeks! :) I think it's safe to say that after all the chest tubes are out, we will probably be able to come home 2-3 days later.

"I still have some tube and wires, but a lot less than last week. I still have my wound vac, my chest tube, central IV line, and oxygen."


Shonni said...

Yea Jesus!!!! She is looking so much better! You can see it in her eyes.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Hooray Kate! You are such a trooper. Keep up the good work. I hope you see how great your mommy & daddy are.

Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! Such progress. Such a trooper!! Lots of hugs and prayers.

Meredith said...

Hi Karin!! Wow!!! I can't believe her improvement! She looks great and she's standing?!! Wow! Praise God!
I saw your 3 older girls today and they had a blast at the park. They where very positive about Kate and all around happy and bubbly and of course very cute! :)

Love you,

Amanda said...

It is so nice to see her smiling and standing. God has been so good. We will continue to pray for all of you.

Jeff, Amanda & Kids

sierrasmom said...

Yeah!!! She looks great! Thanks for the posts on my blog. They are exactly one week a part in age. Let's keep in touch!!!
God is good!!!
Kathie in NY

The Prieskorn Way said...


Cari Bacon said...

Just seeing the spunk in her eyes is great! So happy to see Kate on her feet and hearing the oxygen tube is out....the power of prayer!



Wife of the Pres. said...

Thanks for the details Karin!!! Even with all the tubes, is she not the cutest Fontan SURVIVOR EVER! Well she is one of the three cutest--S, Katie Mei over at CHOP, and your Kate!!! I will say though that your Kate has the most hair hands down!!!

So … she is REALLY DOING WELL. I know it may not seem that way but oh my, she is progressing through the stuff very well. Oxygen free!!! Yippee Jesus as Linny would say! I am not into predicting either, but I would think it might be early next week? Praying for you all!

Karin said...

Oh that hair...yes, there is a lot of it and it has a mind of it's own!! It's just all over the place! :) It didn't help that she had a boy haircut when we got her and now it's in a really awkward growing out phase. There would be more styling options if she didn't have all the bald spots on the sides and back from the bedsores she got early in life. :( Pigtails work in the hospital but not so well at home because her bald spots show. She is supposed to be sleeping now but she is grinning at me from the bed and her hair is sticking straight up! Too funny! :))