Monday, April 27, 2009

11:45AM - Update - Mon, April 27

I have been waiting to post with the results of Kate's x-ray this morning, but so far, I haven't heard anything.

The Occupational Therapist came this morning to work with Kate to see why she isn't swallowing any food. Her best guess is that the thrush is still making it too painful, combined with the episode where she gagged. It probably really scared her and she is afraid it will happen again.

I am going to try to mash up some of her favorite foods and see if that will help. The dietitian is also going to send up some high calorie/nutrient rich drinks so that she will have a variety. There was no talk of putting the feeding tube back in.

Her wound vac is still in, but hopefully someone will come and remove it today. It has to be checked every three days, so I know they will get to it.

She is losing weight, which makes me glad I worked hard to fatten her up before the surgery. Her face is looking thinner and she seems pale, but hopefully the thrush will start to clear up soon, enabling her to eat. Every day that she doesn't eat puts her a day further away from having her chest tube out.

Please pray for no infection. Her chest tube is always a risk, and she still has her central line (IV) in. The IV is the biggest risk for infection as well as a blood clot because it feeds directly into her new heart conduit. They have her on aspirin and coumadin, which will continue after we get home. Of course, the longer we stay here, the greater the risk for sickness and not-nice bacterial infections that are always traveling around hospitals.

Jeff left for Boston today. He said he thinks his mom is feeling better. Please pray for her and for Jeff's sister as they handle the household this week. There is a lot to remember and the noise level at our house can be hard to adjust to, even when the sounds are happy ones. ;0

Kate's spirits are good, so we are just hanging out and playing with her toys. I'm planning to take her outside in a little while when my brother's wife comes to visit us. I'm sure Kate will love to get outside. NOT.

I have been having some very sweet moments with Kate that I will treasure forever. She looks at me sometimes with eyes full of love, reaches for me and puts her arms around my neck. She also has been wanting to hold my hand and it's just soooo precious. I am thankful that she is so good-natured and sweet and we are just having some wonderful bonding time. Since there is basically nothing to do all day, I have her held captive. haha She is loving being the queen bee. I'm thinking we could have a rough re-entry to reality when we go home!

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Kim K. said...

Sounds like you are getting in some quality mother/daughter bonding time. Prayers continuing from West Michigan for your ENTIRE family.