Saturday, April 25, 2009

9:00AM Update - Sat.

From Katie-bug:

Thank you for praying for me. I am trying to be brave and take all my medicine (four syringes every four hours). I always open my mouth and drink it down without crying and then my Mommy gives me some vanilla shake to wash the taste out of my mouth.

Speaking of my mouth, I have thrush--which is a yeast infection from the antibiotics I have to take. My nurse said that her husband got thrush and that it hurt worse than both of his transplant surgeries. I wish I could eat, but it just hurts too much. I am drinking my shakes, but they are kinda sugary which makes the thrush get worse. Every four hours the nurse comes and puts a really yucky medicine all around in my mouth and then I can't drink anything for 30 minutes. I used to cry when they did it, but now I'm getting used to it. Can you please pray that the thrush will go away so I can eat?

My chest tube can't come out today because I had 59cc's of fluid output yesterday.

My lips are really dry and keep splitting open. My Mommy is trying to keep chapstick on them but it doesn't work that well. We are not allowed to use vaseline because I am still on oxygen and there is an issue with using a petroleum based product next to oxygen (on my face).

I still have the yucky oxygen thingy in my nose but my Mommy is going to take me outside today when Daddy comes. The nurse says I need to walk, but when I try to get up, I feel like Bambi. My legs shake and shake. I will try to be brave today and do what they say, though.

I am so glad you are praying for me and writing to my mom because I think she feels happy when she gets emails.

Gotta go...I think they are going to make me walk now.


Lori said...

Ahhh, sweet baby girl! I'll be praying for your thrush and your wobbly little legs. :)

trustandobey said...

Good Morning Karin and Kate,
I will be praying for all your requests today and that you continue to improve by the hour. You are almost 2 giant leaps(weeks) away from the surgery and 2 giant leaps closer to being home again.We know it is hard. This time next year it will be a distant memory:) Kate...when is your b'day? My little Kate turned 2 on Jan 28th. And she is little for 2 as you are little for 3. I am enjoying fattening her up though.(If she looks at it twice, i stick it in her mouth.)I think your mom will enjoy putting weight on you too, once you are home. (I have decided that putting weight on a tiny child is good for the soul.) Karin, hang in there girl!

James 1:27 Family said...

If you are not in the mood for random advice, I completely understand, and read no further...

Our son was in the hospital too and we have battled the dry lip crisis many times. We have since discovered coconut oil. It's all natural and loaded with tons of healthy fat so if some slips in her mouth that is all the better! You can find it in health food stores or some grocery stores in the same aisle as olive oil. A little goes a long way.

Many blessings to Kate and your whole family.

Kim K. said...

I can't wait until this is all a distant memory for sweet, Kate. I'm praying for that nasty thrush to clear up soon. Extra hugs coming today from West Michigan.

Todd,Michelle Bloom said...

Dear Kate,
Our family prays for you constantly and are in awe of God's many answers in the little miracle of YOU. We are going to ask God to take that yucky thrush away and strengthen you today. Lots of hugs, Shelly

Wife of the Pres. said...

Oh Karin, I'm so sorry! I don't know about the lips or thrush. I wish I had a suggestion. I think the fact that S had her unrepaired lip and palate and therefore, could NOT have the O2 tubing helped in a way. They tried to put the mask over her face and it just wasn't happening. I did have to hold it over her face when she slept, but after a couple of days I became a slacker and no one noticed! Ha! I knew she didn't need it anyway. They just don't get our China babies and how hard they have already fought to live!!!

So … can you give us with just enough knowledge to be dangerous a quick run-down of what attachments she has left? I know once those come out, she'll be close to home. I mean, the meds you will be doing at home anyway, so if all the tubes are out, she is well on her way, right?

I wish I could come and sit with you and Kate. :(( I would if I were close. I know the time sometimes just crawls by. Hugs my friend and I'll continue praying for her lips, her sore mouth and God's grace upon you both.

Cindy said...

Dear Kate, so sweet!
Hope you enjoy the sunshine and the visit from daddy! Still praying for quick healing (especially for that thrush) and a beautiful home soon!
Karin - praying for you too, HUGS!

The McCarleys said...

Hi Karin,
We will be praying for much healing today and alot less fluid output! Have a good visit with your family and enjoy the weather.

Karin said...

I think I have some coconut oil at home! I'll have my husband bring it. Thank you for the suggestion! :)

Thank you to all of you who are leaving comments! I look forward to reading them every time Kate is asleep and it keeps me from getting lonely. :)