Friday, April 17, 2009

10:15 Update - Friday

Holding hands with Daddy

Kate has turned a corner today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is doing so much better! They have started weaning her from her meds. Since her morphine was cut in half, the nurse thinks she will be much more awake tomorrow. She was rather grumpy any time she woke up today, so I'm not sure if tomorrow will be very pleasant. Kate's big sisters are coming to visit tomorrow, though, so that should help.

They have not begun to feed her by mouth yet, but since they are weaning her meds, she should be able to avoid having to get a third port (the IV line in her neck), which would have necessitated her going back on the ventilator.

She has no signs of fever/infection, and her blood pressure has held fairly steady as they have started backing her off the blood pressure meds. Yay!!

Sleepy Kate is having a seriously bad hair day

They do a lot of neat things for kids here, one of which is making a sign with their names on it. Isn't it cute?

The nurse had me give Kate a bath tonight. She didn't enjoy it AT ALL, so neither did I. It was rather challenging working around the tubes and wires. Within an hour, one of her chest tubes leaked yellow fluid all over her and the bed. Poor baby is going to have to get her bed changed again.

And last but not least, my brother, Mark, stopped by to see Kate and brought me this gift...

Thank you, Mark, because it's only 10:30 and snorer dude is at it again.


trustandobey said...

Praying for a peaceful, uneventful nights sleep and a tomorrow full of good news:)
Good Night,
Lisa in NC

Holly said...

So glad to hear the good news! Still praying for you!

Kim K. said...

I hope tonight brings wonderful sleep for you both. Your latest updates are so encouraging. Hugs!!

Mom Of Many said...

Oh thank you Jesus!! I could not have gotten better news as I head to climb into bed...Yippee, Yipppee Jesus!! She has turned a corner.

Not to wonder...I will not relax on the prayers - I want to see her home playing and holding hands with Zoey walking around your yard...

Until then - I pray!! xo

quilt'n mama said...

Praise the Lord!!! So glad Kate is doing better tongiht. What an AWESOME Heavenly Father we have!

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

So pleased to hear that little Kate has turned a corner. Hoping that tomorrow (or is it today now? I'm never any good on working out the time differences across the Atlantic!) goes better than expected, and that she isn't too sad as she starts waking up a bit more. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, and hoping that those drains stop draining very soon! With love, Alison X

Chris and Sarah said...

I am one of Linny's blogger friends from Indiana. This is the first chance I have gotten to read your blog but wanted to know I have bben praying this week for your daughter since Linny posted about her.

Praying in Indiana!

Angie said...

What a little fighter! Great job, Kate, keeping your fever down and blood pressure up! Have fun with your big sisters today!

mncfi said...

Yay Kate! And yay for you getting some sleep with your ear plugs in.
Still praying.
Love Fi

Kimberly said...

HOORAY! Hooray for a corner turn! Wow that is wonderful to read!!

Did the earplugs help? Super thoughtful gift that I bet you were happy to have!!

Yeah yeah for your girl, I hope she enjoys her visit today!

Shonni said...

I am new to your blog and learned about you from Joyful Mom and wanted to let you know that we are also praying for your little one!

Meredith said...

We're so happy to hear she's doing better. Praise the Lord. :)

Mark & Meredith