Friday, April 24, 2009

Late night musings... :)

Well, it's not actually THAT late--only 10:15, but I couldn't really title my post, 'Not Really Late Night Musings."

Happily, I have a new cord for my computer, so I can type freely! Yay!

To answer some questions and comments about Kate:
--She is three years old. She turned three the day we came home from China, three months ago. :)
--She is tiny for her age and is the size of a two year old
--I agree with some of her visitors that she looks much smaller in person than in the pictures on the blog
--If not for the hand of God, Love Without Boundaries and Hope Healing Home, she would not have survived long enough to be adopted by our family.

An unasked for bit of trivia is that Kate absolutely detests any kind of 'help' going to the in poo. When she had to get a suppository the other day, it took two nurses to accomplish the task. She saw that small, clear torpedo headed for her bottom and she clamped her butt cheeks together in a fit of protest. They had to pry her cheeks apart and I'm proud to say that she put up a good fight before being over-powered by them. They had a few hundred pounds on her, after all.

Yesterday, (was it only yesterday??) when her chest tube came out accidentally, I knew that she was in potential danger. I also have come to realize more and more that doctors only make guesses based on their medical knowledge. So much of how the human body reacts to medicines and surgery differs greatly per person. The doctor on call, 'guessed' that Kate would 'probably' be okay without that chest tube in all day yesterday. I knew that her guess was probably correct--but if it wasn't, Kate could have a major fluid dump with no way to get it out of her chest. It could potentially cause enough fluid to build up in her chest that her heart would suddenly stop. I know someone who had that happen (which, of course, heightens the fear). I just kept praying that God would stop the fluid output.

I opened my Bible and my eyes fell on verses in Isaiah 44.
"I am the Lord...who says to the watery deep, 'Be dry, and I will dry up your streams."

Be dry. I knew that God was telling me that it would be okay. He had prevented air from getting into the tube and He would dry up the 'streams' of fluid.

And He did.


Cari Bacon said...


It's nice to read your blog after a long day...very uplifting. I shouldn't complain. You're dealing with much more stressful circumstances. Amazingly, our God has it all planned out and in control. Glad to see that you and Kate got outside today. Hope you get some rest tonight.


Ohilda said...

Oh Karin,

Our prayers continue for your sweet babe until she is completely healed and recovered. You're such a great Mama. God is holding all of you in the palm of His hands.



Lori said...

So great to hear that Kate is doing so well! And I love the verse that God gave if it was just for just the right time. Isn't He so awesome to do that?!

I'm continuing to pray!