Sunday, April 26, 2009

Talked to cardiac nurse - 10:15PM Sun.

Just a short update...I was able to talk to the cardiac nurse and asked how long Kate's chest tube fluid output needed to be below 45cc's for her to get it out. She told me that Kate's fluid output has probably been lower because she is not eating. With a fontan surgery, they won't consider pulling a chest tube until a child is eating well. It gives a much better indicator of chest tube fluid output.

Disappointing news, but I know that God is working all for good in Kate's body. He always has good reasons for what we consider to be delay's and unexpected bends in the road. I know He is trustworthy and always is FOR us.

The little guy next to us is going home tomorrow, so could you please pray that we get a good roommate? His family is so sweet and we have enjoyed them.



Kim K. said...

Drat. Maybe you can have a private room. It would be nice to not have roommates for a few days. Continued prayers. Sleep well.

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
I am wondering why , if they think Kate is not eating due to the pain of the thrush, they can not give her something to numb the pain ie. Ibuprofin or some type of numbing throat spray? Did you try popsicles? They have a way of going down without you feeling like you have to chew or bite or swallow. Will she drink soda? My kids would do almost anything for a Coke because they only get them on special occasions. no nutrition but calories and hydration.I am really tired for you, but i know that God does sustain us when we feel there is nothing left. He specializes in the really tough:0)
Hope you are sleeping well now. Haven't heard you say otherwise. I am with Kim K.--maybe you could have the room to yourself for a while? We will be praying.