Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's Wrong with this picture?

Yep--it's SNOW. ugh. It's only the middle of October! It was pouring all day until about 4:00 when the temperature dropped below freezing and the snowflakes started falling. I must admit that it was beautiful, but snow.snow.go.away. It's only October.

Molly is feeling better, Chloe is worse (hit 104.6 when I accidentally let her Ibuprofin lapse) and now Jillian is running a fever. The second day seems to be the worst. Thank you for your prayers and the info some of you have sent on the flu. General consensus is that it is probably H1N* since that is the main type of flu going around right now. I have read that it's better to get it early in the season before it morphs into a stronger strain, so maybe this is God's way of protecting us from something worse. The sick girls are quarantined to their room and Jeff hooked up a TV in there for them. Molly is already getting restless and bored and cranky, so that is a good sign.


Kim K. said...

Yuck. Snow. Yuck. Germs. Stay healthy, Karin!! Thinking of you and all your precious kiddos.

Cari said...

Bad Snow! Bad Flu!!

Continue to pray for healing for your girls!!

Lori said...

First of all, don't be showboatin' your snow. We LOVE the white stuff and would gladly take it off your hands! Send it our way...okie dokie?

Your theory of the flu situation sounds good and makes perfect sense. Get it up those immunities and you will all be good-to-go for the rest of the season!

trustandobey said...

Glad to hear you all are still with us. I seriously take your ability to post as a great sign. Praying for quick healing by the Great Physician!

Anonymous said...

Okay Karin, I will be up there in 6 days. You have got to do something about that snow. I'm a southern girl. Praying for you guys with the flu in your house. We have already had it here. Luckily it was short lived.
Praying the same for you.

Karin said...

Lyn...not to worry! The snow will be gone later today. It is supposed to be 60 tomorrow. :) yay.

I hope the flu is gone by the time you come so that I can visit you in the hospital.