Friday, October 09, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know...I'm posting this late, but I didn't have time yesterday.

  • I'm thankful for a car to drive to the gazillion places I had to go today.
  • I'm thankful that I wasn't sick, since I had so many things to do.
  • I'm trying to be thankful in the midst of my kids being sick--AGAIN.
  • I'm very, very thankful that we were able to spend an hour 'at da wake, frowing sthones.' (translation: at the lake, throwing stones)
  • I'm thankful that I have a camera and can record the precious moments of my kids' lives, and the beauty that God has set me in the middle of

I'm thankful for sweet toddlers that like to be buddies

I'm thankful for how breathtakingly BLUE the water was yesterday at the lake

I'm thankful for little boys and that this one didn't have to potty in the woods this time

I'm thankful that even though Jordan turned his head right as I snapped this, I was still able to get some beautiful leaves in the background

I'm thankful that these little guys cracked me up as they tried to bring up 'treasure' from the lake bed (ie: pieces of paper that hung from their sticks)

I'm thankful for daughters...even ones that say, 'Aw, Mom, I don't want to wear a coat...!"

I'm thankful that this little one's heart is beating strong, thanks to a brilliant, kind surgeon who did her surgery free of charge

I'm thankful that this little one's heart is beating well enough to keep her active

I'm thankful for the way that Kate's arm so often finds its way around the back or leg of her parents and siblings

I'm trying not to be totally grossed out and un-thankful for the fact that Jake just came and sneezed all over my computer and my hands just now. EEwwwww....


Kim K. said...

Awwwww...your posts/pictures always make my day (or night). The germ fairy has hit our house. Josie is home with a snotty nose and nasty cough. I can relate to becoming a human kleenex. Hugs!!

Cindy said...

Your beautiful pictures always put a smile on my face, but then your comments make me laugh! Thank YOU!

Adeye said...

I wish I could take pics like you do---they are stunning! You are a seriously gifted lady!

Angie said...

My goodness, Zoe is starting to look like a little girl rather than a toddler girl! And I love the shirt...Laura has one, too! Beautiful photos.

trustandobey said...

Beautiful shots Karin! Just what I needed today:)

Tracie said...

Thankfulness is always great (even when it is a little late) I am thankful that you share your beautiful pictures with us and the great stories about your precious kids.

Jake-Bless you!

Gretchen said...

I am thankful for our phone conversation yesterday morning!

Love you!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Beautiful post of your babes . . . and your thankfulness, in spite of the germs!