Friday, October 09, 2009

I just can't resist...

...more foliage shots. I'm sorry...I can't help it. I am surrounded by beauty and I just keep taking pictures of it. A light rain was falling today, so no blue sky, but the pond around the corner was still gorgeous.

You'll thank me for not taking a photo of Zoey after she sneezed in the car and there was a river of snot running into her mouth and down her chin--while I fished around in the glove box for a napkin and tried to get it to her in the back of the van...while simultaneously pulling up to the window at McDonalds. Gross!!!


Lori said...


trustandobey said...

Good morning,
Up with Kate and now up with the dog so I think I will just stay up.
Must have some people to pray for. (Any time I am up really early or in the middle of the night, I figure God has someone that I need be in prayer for.) Love the photos! Are you settling into your new surroundings now? You are no doubt in one of the most picturesque areas of our country. So full of history and flavor! Really beautiful! I don't think any of us mind seeing the splendor of a New England fall more than once. Sorry the kids are sick. That has to be the biggest downer of the season. I dread the first bout of cold and flu hitting us too. Think I will add your family's health to my prayer this early Saturday morning.
Hugs from down under.
ps-I Heart Faces has a fall category coming up in a few weeks.

Kim K. said...

Just stunning. Keep those pictures coming. Happy weekend!

Karin said...

Yes, we are settling in. I was just telling a friend, though, that even though there is nothing I could say I don't like about New England, it's just not home. There is definitely a different culture here, and I've always living in the Midwest. We miss our families, too. But God has planted us here for now, so we will do our best to bloom and grow. :) Thank you so much for praying for the health of our family. I have been begging God to keep us relatively well. Last winter was awful--we were sick for months.

Holly said...

What a talented Mom you are! :)
It is still in the 80's here so our trees haven't quite gotten the memo that it's fall. I love fall, but I do hate the bitter cold and for that,the South will do.

Laura L. said...

These are gorgeous photos! Wow. I don't blame you one bit for sharing them. So pretty.

Lyn said...

Love the pictures! It looks beautiful up there.Be up soon. We are in countdown mode. Jake has been pulled from school to try and keep him well for surgery. 2 weeks!