Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perhaps I Spoke too Soon

I thought piggy flu was heading out the door, but alas...Jillian and Chloe relapsed today with fevers and lethargy. Jillian has had the weirdest joint pain with it. Today her hands hurts. Jordan kept sneezing out an astonishing amount of goo. Every time he sneezed someone yelled, "Jordan needs a kleenex!!" and boy...that was an understatement (ie: it was hanging in long streams down to his chin---ewww)

That was probably way too much information, so to avoid grossing you out, I thought I would post some New England photos. Although we have lost some of the vibrant reds, there is still plenty of fall color to enjoy.

Old churches like this are in every town

Hope this homeowner didn't mind me taking this photo--but the house was so New England

These cool rock walls are everywhere


Tracie said...

Your photos are so beautiful!!!!! I love them!!!!!!

I'll keep praying for you and your family.

Adeye said...

Oh wow, can I move in next door to you? So stunning. I LOVE the colonial houses--kind of like the VA houses. We used to live there. LOVE the architecture.

Love you!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh...yes, those pics definitely canceled out the TMI snot situation you described in great detail!

Find out if that red barn is for sale...I want to live there!! I'm serious. Wouldn't that be a cool house?!

Holly said...

Could you live in a more beautiful part of the country??
I've heard several parents reporting relapses with this flu.
Still praying...especially for your heart girls.

trustandobey said...

We are packing the car!!!! Tell the owners of that Williamsburg they have 2 days to vacate :)
PS-Your photos are REALLY a blessing. (If I could just get this coveteousness thing under control.)

Waitingfaithfully said...


So sorry for the relapses. Praying for healing for everyone in need.

The photos are breathtaking! I grew up (in the country), in Michigan, where the changing colors were a beautiful part of life. We are currently stationed in Texas. Bar-b-que is a part of life, beautiful fall foliage? Not so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!

Blessings on your household--Please bring recovery Lord.



Angie said...

You sure live in a beautiful area. I'd love to visit Boston again someday with the whole family, and autumn sure looks like a perfect time!

Stefanie said...

So sorry to hear about the sickness... YUK! But the pictures are LOVELY :)

trustandobey said...

Hi Again,
I just now saw the written portion of this post. (Last night I was fixed on the photos.) Now is the time to really watch the kids, especially with the fever coming back. I know you probably have heard all this. I think the relapse is common but you just want to be diligent.

Kim K. said...

I'm sorry. I hope it passes quickly. Your pictures are stunning. Know that I'm praying for your family.

Sharon said...

So sorry the flu is back! We will continue praying. As always, love the pictures!!

sara said...

so sorry you still have sickness around....and the snot...gross!!

But Karin you are such a great photograher!! Those pictures are gorgeous!!!

What did you decide about the vacs?

Jean said...

I absolutely LOVE your photos!!

Sorry about the relapse- that happened to us, too. I think it's part of the illness. She should be feeling good to go soon!

And the goo- eewww. Sorry Jordan- hope your feeling better soon!