Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oink, Oink

Yes, we have sw*ne flu. No big surprise there. Molly's best friend tested positive for it today and after hours and hours of trying to reach our pediatrician's office, I finally got through. They gave me the option of bringing the kids in for testing, but agreed that since the kids had already gotten the seasonal flu shot weeks ago, the only other possibility was H*N1. So by process of elimination, they have diagnosed them with it. They are not giving the kids in the area Tamiflu--there just isn't enough to go around.

However...I did talk to Kate and SaraGrace's cardiologist and he called in Tamiflu for both girls. He wants them to start taking it now, before they get symptoms. He is most concerned about Kate. He said that anyone with her heart condition would have a harder time weathering a flu virus. My concern with giving them the Tamiflu before they get symptoms is that they might not get it now, but will get it later when we take them to church or a restaurant and they end up getting exposed there. And of course, SaraGrace is at school, where it is already going around. Thankfully, the pharmacy was able to call around and get some Tamiflu but it won't be available until tomorrow.

The kids have to stay home for seven days. Wonder what they'll do all day once they start to feel better?! :) Poor Jordan is starting to feel lousy and Jake started running a low grade fever around lunch time. I honestly hope they all just get it quickly and put it behind us. It's worse when a virus hits us and drags on for weeks and weeks.


Lori said...

Oh my goodness. What craziness! I have been praying for your frail ones...that they would be fully protected. That's a really tough call on WHEN to give them the meds. Golly, I just wouldn't have a clue. I will pray that God gives you wisdom!

Kim K. said...

Prayers coming your way. I was hoping it wasn't what you expected. Josie was down for a solid week. Please know that I'm thinking of you.

Tracie said...

I'll keep praying. It sounds like you have a tough week ahead, but it is good that you are able to get the Tamiflu!

Kimberlie said...

I am so glad that your cardiologist was proactive! I am surprised though that the kids have to stay home for 7 days. Here they just have to be fever free for 24 hours. I kept #2 home today because he developed a low grade fever last night. He was fever free all day yesterday and now again today, but we will see what the evening holds for us. I really would like him to go back to school tomorrow. :)

I am praying for your family! I can't imagine having to wonder whether it's going to run through each and every member. Praying that everyone else stays healthy!!!

Holly said...

Oh Karin.
Many prayers for you Mama warrior!

Beautiful Mess said...

Sorry to hear it!

Praying for sure!

Cindy said...


Praying everyone is on the mend and no more fevers. I am sorry to see little piggy's picture on your blog, even through every storm you make me laugh!
Be kind to yourself too!

Kathleen said...

I am praying for your family tonight...It is not fun to watch your children be sick. Take care of yourself too. I guess I should think about this H1n1 shot that everyone keeps talking about.

Bless you guys:)

Cari said...

I've been praying for you guys. Sorry to hear it's being passed around, but like you said, better to all get it now and quickly instead of spreading it out for weeks.

Take your vitamins so you can keep up with them! :)

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, dear friend. That just totally stinks. Nasty! Praying that everyone will start to feel better really soon--and that mommy has an extra boost of energy to get through the next week.

Jean said...

Oh my it is really going around your house. I be praying for SaraGrace and Kate!

When the older kids were little we had chicken pox for the whole month of July- 2 had it the first two weeks then 2 had it the second two weeks. It was one short summer only got to enjoy June and August...

Hang in there!!