Friday, October 23, 2009

Conversations you have when kids have the oinker bug

"Mom...why do my ears feel funny and I can't hear anything?
"Mom, can you PLEASE give Chloe some more cough medicine? We can't hear the TV because she's coughing so loud."
"Why do I have so much snot going down my throat?"
"Mom, we're out of kleenex."
"When will I be better?"
"Mom, do you think I sound funny?"

"Mom...Mom...I sick. I need medithin."
"Okay, Jake, after your medicine, you need to take a nap."
"Oh." Long pause... "Mom, I not sthick. I stay awake and play."

"Mom...I sick, too. I want thum medithin, too."
"Zoey, you are not sick. You don't need any medicine."
Hanging head and giving me a fake pout, "Oh. Okay."

Seeing SaraGrace get an M&M to take away the taste of yukky medicine, the little girls start clamoring for some. "Mom...Mom...can we have some candy?"
Instantly and clear as a bell, Jake said, 'No you may not!"
We all cracked up! Jake's speech is not usually that clear, but he has that phrase down pat. I couldn't figure out where he had heard it...and then...duh...I found myself saying it later in the day. :) I guess they do listen to me after all.

Since I've had some ask questions about the flu situation... you can trust me...I'm a trained professional...wink,wink...

  • SaraGrace and Kate have had no symptoms but their cardiologist put them on Tamiflu as a preventative. (The pediatrician would not do this--I was told that Tamiflu cannot be used to prevent flu. Who to believe? The cardiologist made his decision after talking to the Infectious Disease specialists at Boston Children's Hospital)
  • Now that my two 'heart babies' are on Tamiflu, I am wondering what will happen when they stop taking it? Should I get the vaccine for them? I'm not sure what to do. Will keep praying for wisdom. The Tamiflu for kids is a liquid that was mixed for them and only good for 10 days, so I wasn't able to save it for later.
  • I saw on the news last night that 1 out of 5 children in the U.S. has had a flu-like virus this October. It is believed to be piggy flu. So...if your child had a fever of 102 or above for a few days, cough, and/or sore throat, you can be reasonably sure your child had h1N1. I know some of you are trying to decide whether or not to get your kids vaccinated, but it might not be necessary if they have already been sick.
  • My school aged girls who are sick are not going to school even after being fever free for 24 hours because the school doesn't want them back if they are coughing--still contagious. (And Jillian went fever-free for 24 hours and then was feverish a good part of the day yesterday.)
  • So far, SaraGrace, Kate, Zoey, Ryan, Jeff and I have not gotten sick--thank you, Jesus!! I do remember the sw*ne flu from the 70's but I don't remember if I got sick or not. Even though that particular strain was different, Jeff and I must have some type of immunity or I think we would be sick by now. I always get what my kids have. yuk.
I'm thankful that everyone is doing reasonably well--so far no need for antibiotics.

Yesterday, during a lull in fevers, and after having them beg me to go outside and ride their bikes, I decided to take them to the lake. I explained that I thought they should take it easy and that riding bikes was too strenuous. However, it was 70 degrees and I thought some fresh air would do them good. There is a very short trail around part of the lake and I thought they could probably handle that.

Follow the Leader

Not sure why I like this photo--but I do

"I'm donna put dis stdick into da wadder." I'm gonna put this stick into the water.

A sailboat fortuitously floated by but the sun went behind the clouds, so the photo isn't very pretty

Heading Home


Holly said...

I would love to come visit your neck of the woods!
I am praying for your kids...esp. your heart "babies".
Really pray about those vaccinations. I have heard some pretty scary stuff about this new vaccine.
God will lead.

Adeye said...

How absolutely wonderful that the kids are on the mend. And without antibiotics--that is fabulous.

LOVE the stunning pics, my friend. Gosh--can I come and visit you???? 70 degrees sounds like a little heaven on earth right now :)

Lori said...

You are going to be an expert when this is all said and done!

I can't believe you have enough energy to take your kids on outings almost every day! You make me look really bad, friend! I am an INDOORS girl! Really sad, I know.

Angie said...

Beautiful photos, as always. Praying the rest of you stay healthy!!

Shonni said...

What beautiful pictures!!!

Cari said...

I really love the sailboat shot! I thought it was a spectacular view. Your pictures are just gorgeous. I've got to find a cool spot close to home to take beautiful. (unfortunately, like Lori, I'm an indoor girl, too, unless it's sunny and 80!)

Praying the oinking will leave your house very soon! :)

Tracie said...

I have decided that I want to live in your back yard! I don't take up much space, and I just want to see all your beautiful scenery up close :)

I'm going to keep praying for y'all!