Monday, October 05, 2009

God's Handiwork

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." Psalm 19:1

Yesterday, some of the kids went with me to feed the geese and ducks. This time there were two duck families. The males were not enjoying each other's company--to put it mildly.

This cowardly male chased off the wife of the other male.

God must have had fun creating this beautiful creature!

The handsome couple swims off with full tummies

Then we headed down our favorite nature trail to see if the leaves were at their peak yet. There are a lot of oak and pine trees, so lots of green, but plenty of color, also.

This 'Daddy-long-leg spider' and I went eye-to-eye. Ewwwww. Despite my dislike for spiders, I have to admire God's creativity.

And admiring God's handiwork in nature wouldn't be complete without admiring His creation of cuteness...

Jeff gets tackled by a hoard of adoring fans. He is a rich man.

I then begged, bribed, threatened, cajoled asked my older kids to pose for some pictures in lieu of the absurdly priced school photos. Yes, they were $70 per child for the smallest package!


trustandobey said...

Somebody's been reading the manual:) These photos are great!!! Colorful and clear. I am so jealous. I want to be able to walk around New England with the kids and shoot. How fun!!!
ps-good afternoon from down under

Beautiful Mess said...

These photos are amazing! as is God's creation! Thank you for sharing!

Kim K. said...

Just stunning. The fall leaves are just breath-taking. Your scenery and photography skills are far-better than anything you could get from school photos.

Lori said...

WOW!! Isn't our Creator so stinkin' cool!? I know that He must truly love it when we take notice of His handiwork!

LOVE the pics of the older kids!! Yay!

Holly said...

Those are way better than school pictures! What kinda camera do you use?
My FAV is the one of Daddy Long not the spider one..the one with Daddy and several kids clinging to his long legs :)
Maybe you should have that one enlarged and framed for next Father's Day!

Shonni said...

Your photo's are beautiful!!!

Jackie said...

Oh, my, the photos are BEAUTIFUL, the children are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, your hubby is beautiful...woops, DID I TYPE THAT OUTLOUD?? Just kidding, LOL, they're all stinkin' cute!!!

And we serve an AWESOME GOD!!

James, Dawn and Family said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love the pictures with their daddy.

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

What beautiful fall colors! We've got a lot of that here in Michigan, too.

Love the pictures of the kids. Goodness, $70 a kid for the cheapest package? Is everything in on the East coast so expensive?

Tracie said...

Your photos are amazing!!! I loved getting a peek at fall happening up north (since it doesn't really happen down here!) Gorgeous!

And the pictures of the kids were definitely better than any school pictures I have ever seen! (the kids are super cute too!)

Jean said...

Yes God's handiwork is incredible whether it be the children or the landscape! Wonderful pictures of both!