Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random pictures from the Lake

These pictures were taken Monday and Wed. On Monday it was warmer, so we were able to enjoy a longer visit. Today we noticed that a lot of the leaves had fallen from the trees (sob) so our days at the lake are coming to a close. I guess we can come and see ice and snow later this year, but uh...not sure I will want to.

Every day, if it is sunny out, the little kids will start clamoring to go to the Lake (it's only about 8 min. away). Today Jake said, "Mom, can we go to da dake? Iths sunny outdide!" No one has told him that he seriously overuses the letter 'd.'

"Mischief" is my middle name.

There are SO many acorns everywhere. They fall out of the trees constantly and have hit us in the head, and hit our car when driving. They covered the trail, and many of them were under leaves. It was like trying to walk on marbles in some places. Most of us had at least one wipe out (me included) which was quite comical. I mean, really, how do you explain a rear end that is dotted with bruises that resemble polka-dots?

"They don't call me Spitfire for nothing!"

The weather was in the 50's but the kids insisted they were 'boiling,' and really needed to stick their feet in the water.

Big sisters are the best~

More of God's beauty. Our Creator has given us so much to enjoy.


Angie said...

You are definitely having better weather where you are! You have found a beautiful lake to enjoy...looks like a great spot for photos all year round!

Kim K. said...

I'll trade you some gray days for you beautiful sunny ones. Stunning pictures. I'm guessing your winter pictures will be equally beautiful.

Happy Thursday!

trustandobey said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I am just going to throw my girls in the car and drive up there!!! Soooo pretty!!!

Gretchen said...

I can't wait to see the snow! But maybe not until around that ok?!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, you should really be selling your pics to the travel bureau. You are luring us all to move there with each and every amazing glimpse of the scenery there!

I'm dying to hear about your hair so let me know ASAP, OK?? Hopefully she won't get mad and "accidentally" give you a nice shade of shoe-polish-black. Sorry...I'm not helping, am I?!!!

Heehee, it will be fine!

Sharon said...

I can't believe how you can capture that moment to snap the perfect picture. It makes me want to live there so bad!!! :)

Shonni said...

What a beautiful place. I have never seen so many acorns before. What fun, except for the falling part :)